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American Ballet Theater presents Onegin New York, one of the best ballet shows this season. Onegin New York tickets take you just there. Get your share ASAP! Ballet audiences all over the world seek pleasure from this dance form in many ways. Some like it to be completely classical, while others look for innovation and creativity in old and new works. The younger audiences are more interested in watching the works of upcoming choreographers. There are others who like experimentations compared to original works. Then there are formalist and romantics who look for technique and aesthetics in work of dancers.

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American Ballet Theater is an organization that caters to the taste and demand of a large pool of Ballet audiences. This season American Ballet Theater has shows lined up for almost everyone. From the emotionally sensitive audiences the theater has produced works of names like John Cranko, John Neumeier, Kenneth MacMillan and many more. Cranko’s Onegin is the highlight of their lineup this season. Onegin is performed by the American Ballet’s four different cast sets. These sets have some of finest dancers in the country. Onegin New York reaches out to Ballet audiences everywhere. The show invites them all to come and experience the American Ballet Theater at its best.

Onegin New York is a beautiful representation of Pushkin’s very dramatic love story. Cranko has told this long tale without dragging it; he narrates everything clearly. It tells the story of Onegin, an elitist from St. Petersburg who is bored by life as he has neither struggle nor any shortcomings. He is unable to realize the purity of love even though he comes face to face with it. When he realizes, it is too late. Tatyana is a challenging, wild and aggressive character. She always finds it difficult to compete with her vivacious sister Olga and is desperate to be loved. Tatyana is shy and Olga is confident and hard-edged at the same time. The active and passive tussle between the two is a major part of the show and can be enjoyed as good fun. The American Ballet Theater has used the talent and skill of the dances fully to describe each and every emotion of the characters. They story is a satire of Russian life of the rich and wealthy. It explains the complicated emotions and actions of each character. The cast has been rotated in this season and ach set has presented their show successfully. Onegin has been performed by Marcelo Gomes as Onegin, Diana Vishneva as Tatyana, Jared Matthews as Lensky and Natalia Osipova as Olga as the dancers in the first set. The second set has David Hallberg, Hee Seo, Joseph Gorak and Yuriko Kajiya playing the same roles.
Vishneva and Gomes have been adored for their performances throughout. Vishneva has captured every bit of Tatyana as a romantic dreamer who longs for love. Gomes as Vishneva’s partner has great ardor, he has also done justice to his role. He in the attire of Onegin, is dashing and deadly handsome. David Hallberg plays Onegin in the second set; he too has taken audiences by storm with his charm. Hee Seo, plays Tatyana quiet naturally and makes her strong and vulnerable at the same time.

The music of Onegin New York is inspired by multiple works by Tchaikovsky. Kurt-Heinz Stolze has arranged piano compositions along these lines and has also re-orchestrated it. The rhythm and harmony has been tuned by Stolze to suit the dramatic mood of the Ballet. The result is more than just pretty, its loads the story with more flavor every time it plays. The two pas de deux featuring Onegin and Tatyana is a very compelling and romantic piece. It shows that once Tatyana rejects Onegin and marries off; only then Onegin realizes that he is madly in love with her. The music as well as the choreography has done justice to the climax scene, making it an awe-inspiring piece from Act II.
Onegin New York is a wonderful production. It has state of the art sets and costumes design by the very artistic Santo Loquasto and lighting effects by James F. Ingalls. Everything from the sets to the costume and music recreates Russian countryside onstage. The elaborate interiors also depict the lifestyle of the high society perfectly. Overall, this theatrical presentation is quality entertainment and should not be missed for anything. Cheap Onegin New York tickets bring a ballet feast to be enjoyed. To be a part of this festivity grab your Onegin New York tickets at the earliest.

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