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Cited as the America’s National Ballet Company, American Ballet Theatre is one of the most renowned ballet companies in the nation. Over its years of existence, American Ballet Theatre has brought numerous ballet performances to the patrons all through United States as well as in various other countries as well. American Ballet Theatre doesn’t only enjoy good reputation in United States only; in fact it is quite well reputed all across the globe. American Ballet Theatre enjoys unmatched popularity when it comes to the size, matter and presentation of its performances.

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About American Ballet Theatre Le Corsaire

Since the day that the company was founded back in 1940, ABT has been touring nationwide every year bring some of the pieces of this art form. The company’s performances are watched by hundreds and thousands of Americans every year in addition to all the international patrons of this art form who come to indulge themselves in the magic of ballet present to them by ABT. With its performances, the company has been to well over forty two countries over the globe on more than thirty tours. Each year, ABT brings yet another exciting array of performances just like it will do this year by bringing Marius Petipa’s Le Corsaire.
Following its premier in St. Petersburg at Imperial Ballet in Russia in 1949, Le Corsaire soon became Petipa’s one of the earliest celebrated works and since it has been performed by various ballet companies all over the world. American Ballet Theatre Le Corsaire performance is bound to take the audience members into a whole new world and immerse them within its plot thanks to ABT’s talented performers. So catch the magic as it happens live this season with the American Ballet Theatre Le Corsaire tickets.
It was the year 1939, when the American Ballet Theatre opened its door for the audience with the sole purpose of presenting the viewers with works that have been previously done by some of the greats of the Ballet history; while also encouraging the new choreographers to create new works every now and then. The company kept on following its purpose more than ever under the directions of Oliver Smith and Lucia Chase, who remained with the company from 1940 till 1980. American Ballet Theatre has had all kinds of renowned and anticipated ballets in its repertoire. The company has previously staged great ballets like Giselle, the Sleeping Beauty, Apollo, Jardin Aux Lilas and Rodeo, Airs, Duets, Les Sylphides, Push Comes to Shove and Swan Lake. American Ballet Theatre has also staged the works of some of the greatest choreographers of 20th century like Agnes de Mille, Antony Tudor, Twyla Tharp, George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins and many more. And after all these, American Ballet Theatre Le Corsaire performance comes the viewer’s way this season.
Following the end of the Oliver Smith and Lucia Chase’s tenure as the company’s directors, Mikhail Baryshnikov took charge of the American Ballet Theatre in 1980 as its new Artistic Director. Under his direction, the company kept on working on serving its purpose while also staging some of the renowned classical ballets along the way. After ending his tenure in 1990, Baryshnikov handed over the position to Oliver Smith and Jane Hermann who intended on strengthening the classical traditions of the company while also making way for new and innovative future endeavors.
Kevin McKenzie, who was previously the principal dancer for the company, took charge as its new artistic director in October 1992. Soon after his appointment, McKenzie vowed of his intentions of increasing the vast repertoire of the company while at the same time also bring the company’s performances to the rest of the world. The company has come a long way over its 70-year history, and it continues to grow to date. Hence as it stages a performance of Le Corsaire, it’ll be totally worth getting your hands on cheap American Ballet Theatre Le Corsaire tickets.

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