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Live stage shows remains at the top among the most entertaining live events even today. The tradition has continued for centuries but the charm and beauty of such shows still remains the same. Several live stage shows like the American Ballet have surpassed all other modes of entertainment. Some of the all-time hit shows never erase out. An example of such a ballet show is none other than the Lady Of The Camellias.

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About American Ballet Theatre Lady of the Camellias

Lady Of The Camellias is a three-act ballet which premiered more than three decades ago, in 1978. It is linked to the history and tradition via the world famous novel Lady Of The Camellias which was written way back in 1848 by Alexandre Dumas Fil. The novel was adapted for stage soon after it was published. The first stage adaptation took place in 1850’s in France and was titled same as the book. Lady Of The Camellias has been produced in 16 different versions in the English world, and all of them have been performed at the Broadway theatres. It has also been adapted for 20 different motion pictures.

Based on the book, the current ballet Lady Of The Camellias is directed by the Artistic Director of The Hamburg Ballet and choreographed by John Neumeier. The ballet is a brilliant outcome of the two successful people- Marcia Haydee and Chopin. It is adapted from a masterpiece which depicts the tradition of ballet. The history, rich literature and choreographer like John have made this ballet a really amazing one. The Ballet penetrates into the psychological world of the characters and artistically plays with the dramatic plot. The efficient arrangement and the excellent coordination utilize the stage to the fullest in order to leave the audience in a mesmerized state.
The famous courtesan Manon Lescaut makes an appearance on stage to reveal the tragic destiny of the courtesans. The story revolves around the famous courtesan Marguerite Gautier who was nominated as the Lady of the Camellias because of her love for Camellias. She passed away and then her possessions were out for auction. Her lover named as Armand Duval appears on stage and then Manon steps in and takes him back to the past.
The main story goes on with Marguerite who predicts her future herself and she decides that she will not follow Manon's life. Armand, the young lover of Marguerite, tells her about his feelings and later they both fall in love with each other.  However, Marguerite's luxurious life and her illness become the strongest hindrance and cause of trouble between them. Armand's father, on the other hand, comes to know that his son is in love with a courtesan. He tries to stop him from being with her. Marguerite decides to give up on her love and call it off.  With great torture, she lies to Armand that her previous luxurious life is more important for her. She lied because she knew that she will die soon and did not want Armand to suffer through the pain. When she gets closer to death, she goes to see him once and they again realize their deep love for each other. The truth is revealed to him that she lied because of her fatal sickness but he could do nothing. The story full of emotions ends in a sad and tragic way.

The unique stage design, the excellent coordination, the dramatic story and amazing dance all combine to give the spectators a satisfactory enjoyment. The classic ballet takes the audience into a contradiction between reality and illusion, imagination and actuality, hope and despair, all combining to make an extraordinary story. If you have never attended a ballet which you can remember forever, then you must try this one. And if you think you have seen some amazing classics, then this one will be at the top of your list. Get your Lady Of The Camellias Tickets soon and enjoy the classic and unique ballet live.
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