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Recognized by the United Congress as “America’s National Ballet Company”, the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is the most prestigious classical ballet company in the world! Located in the heart of America’s cultural capital, New York City, it has since its inception, staged some of the finest ballets in the world. Keeping with the tradition, the ABT now brings to you Marius Petipa’s very best, La Bayadere. This classical ballet is sure to become the highlight of ABT during this year. A true ballet fan would not miss out on this one performance! American Ballet Theatre La Bayadere is the must attend show of 2012!

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About American Ballet Theatre La Bayadere

ABT was started by the legendary Mikhail Mordkin in 1937 in the Big Apple. Therefore, it has previously been known by names like “Ballet Theatre” and “Mordkin Ballet”. Based in the Metropolitan Opera House, it has perhaps the busiest schedule, which lets it perform for only two months in the United States, while the rest of the time is spend touring all over the world. Under the towering leadership of artistic directors like Jane Hermann and Oliver Smith, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith, it has grown in leaps and bounds. Its current director is none other than Kevin McKenzie, who along with resident choreographer, Alexei Ratmansky, plan on staging the best ballet ever for you; La Bayadere. You must buy La Bayadere tickets today for the greatest evening in the New York City!
As mentioned earlier, La Bayadere is one of the greatest ballets ever, since it was originally composed by Ludwig Minkus and choreographed by Marius Petipa. La Bayadere which means “The Temple Dancer” in English was premiered before an audience in the Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia, and was an instant success. Originally staged in four acts and seven tableaux, it was staged at a time when Czarist Russia was at its zenith and performing arts were actively supported and patronized by the Russian nobility. The official patronage helped this extraordinary ballet become more than Russian ballet; it ultimately became a world renowned ballet.
The ballet’s plot is based on Indian culture, with a special focus on eternal love, jealousy, and betrayal. Solor, a warrior is in love with Nikiya, a temple dancer. Both have sworn eternal love to each other, however, the high priest of the temple is not happy with this arrangement since he himself loves Nikiya. The story takes another twist when Rajah Dugmanta of Golconda selects Solor to be his future son-in-law. Nikiya, unaware of the Rajah’s intentions, agrees to dance at the couple’s engagement ceremony. The high priest however wants Solor dead, and conspires against him by telling the Rajah that he and Nikiya are in love. His plan does not work since the Rajah decides that instead of Solor it should be Nikiya who should die. What happens next, whether the two live happily ever after or did the story have a more tragic end, is for you to find out! And you can do that now by buying cheap La Bayadere tickets today!
The American Ballet Theatre first came across La Bayadere in 1974 when Natalia Makarova, perhaps the most well-known Russian ballerina of all time, danced away on Minkus’ tunes. The ballet however was not staged as La Bayadere but as The Kingdom of the Shades, which is essentially one of the most celebrated scenes from the ballet. This time around, the ABT is staging the whole ballet, which will prove to be a real delight for true ballet lovers in the New York City. American Ballet Theatre La Bayadere will make you relive the era of classical ballets! 
The Metropolitan Opera House, principal seat of the ABT, is one of the finest opera houses in the whole of United States, but with a seating capacity of 3,800, it is certainly not the biggest! While La Bayadere has many fans, not everyone will unfortunately be able to watch the marvelous production, due to the limited seating capacity of the opera house. So in order to ensure that you were one of those lucky ones who watched the ballet of the year, buy your American Ballet Theatre La Bayadere tickets today!

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