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Ballet is one of the most unique ways of story telling wherein dance moves replace words, music establishes the mood and the story is communicated through the medium of sight and imagination. As with other forms of performing arts, ballet has its share of romantic tragedies and topping the list is American Ballet Theatre Giselle tickets one of the greatest classical ballets of all time.  

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Giselle is a product of Romantic era and was produced by the French poet and writer Theophile Gautier. The plot was inspired by a universal theme of love beyond death. The ballet was set in fashionable Romantic style and was heavily influenced by a German legend as depicted in a poem by the famous German poet Heinrich Heine. The ballet was choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot on the music of Adolphe Adam. Giselle premiered at the Théâtre de l'Academie royale de musique in Paris, France in 1841. Since then, the ballet has seen various revivals and renditions with most famous being done for the Imperial Russian Ballet by Marius Petipa in 1884, 1899 and 1903.
The story of the ballet is based on Romantic traditions of love, tragedy, death coupled with spirits and myths. The plot is covered in two acts - the first act is a warm, pastoral charm which follows life of a fragile peasant girl Giselle who falls in love with her neighbor Loys not knowing that he is in fact the Count Albrecht disguising as a commoner. A forester, Hilarion is deeply in love with Giselle but she doesn’t heed, blinded by her love for Loys. Hilarion eventually exposes the true face of Loys to Giselle who feels betrayed and dies. The second act flows in moody, nighttime atmosphere and revolves around Giselle’s struggle with the Wilis, the vindictive spirit maidens who ensnare lone men and force them to dance to their death. Hilarion gets caught and dies while Albrecht, having forgiven for his betrayal by Giselle is spared from the wrath of the Wilis. The play climaxes with an overwhelming feeling of triumph of undying love over betrayal and death. Both the acts of this recherché ballet are full of high emotional drama, beautiful dances and lovely moments of love and its pains.
Giselle has been reenacted numerous times since its premier back in mid nineteenth century. Even the contemporary renditions of the ballet sound so classical that it reminds audience of Romanticism in its roots. Various leading ballet companies have Giselle in their repertoire including Russian Imperial Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, English National Ballet and The Royal Ballet. Giselle has remained one of the most coveted characters in the classical and contemporary ballet scene since it requires technical perfection and brilliance of grace and lyricism coupled with top-notch dramatic skills – no wonder, Giselle has been enchanting audience for over two centuries.
From romantic glamour to tragic death, love and betrayal, loss and triumph – Giselle has truly upheld the traditions of Romantic era even in contemporary times. It is an ageless story told through the medium of imagination, graceful dance and powerful music. It is hard to miss such a timeless classic ballet o grab your American Ballet Theatre Giselle Tickets and get immersed in the melodrama of this powerful ballet.

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