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Giselle is considered to be one of the most acclaimed classical ballets of the Romantic era. It is performed in two acts and a libretto composed originally by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Théophile Gautier. Giselle was first performed at the Ballet du Théâtre de l'Académie Royale de Musique in Paris in 1841. The initial production was choreographed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot. Clarotta Grisi, an Italian ballerina first played the lead role for Giselle in its first production in 1841. The lead role of Giselle remains one of the most coveted and challenging performances for ballerinas to this day. It requires impeccable grace, elegance, technical excellence as well as fierce emotive skills in its performance - something only the very best ballerinas can manage to muster simultaneously.

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The ballet faded away for a couple of decades from the western theater and was revived again by the veteran choreographer Marius Petipa in the early 20th century. Pepita made several revisions in the choreography from the 19th century and turned the face of the performance forever. It is Pepita’s version that is still largely followed in the performances of Giselle to date. The musical score for the revived version is composed by Adolphe Adam and is also followed religiously apart from a few adaptations.
Giselle is the story of unconditional love that transcends life and death. It features supernatural forest spirits, trance inducing dances and the tragedy of death to tell its story. The story is set in ancient Rhineland and revolves around a beautiful peasant girl named Giselle. A nobleman named Albrecht pretends to be a farmer and capriciously starts trying to woo Giselle. She is unable to see through this deceit and falls madly in love for Albrecht. Soon the truth about Albrecht is revealed to Giselle and the trauma makes her go mad and she dies of this heartache.  As Giselle dies, she joins the ranks of the supernatural beings called Willis that haunts forests. The Willis, according to ancient Rhineland folk lore are spirits of young girls who died with unrequited love and now seek to take vengeance from all men. One day as Albrecht is passing through the forest the Willis attack him, determined to take his life. But Giselle, out of her forgiving love decides to save the life of the man who once wronged her.
Giselle has almost dominated the ballet stage in the US since forever. One of the most memorable Giselle performances in the United States remains the first Giselle performance by the American Ballet Theatre in January 1940, where Annabelle Lyon performed as Giselle. New York, home of the Metropolitan opera house, also has featured regular Giselle performances over time. In recent times, one of the most eventful performances of Giselle in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York took place in summer 2011. This is when two prima ballerinas of today, Diana Vishenva and Alina Cojocaru, both renowned for their interpretation of the role of Giselle, performed together on the stage giving their audience the greatest Giselle compare and contrast opportunity.
New York has remained the center stage of all cultural and artistic development. In keeping with this characteristic of this great city, Giselle New York is back in the spot light and is all set to embark on this season’s spectacular performances. Featuring a stellar cast, Giselle’s New York performances promise to entertain their audience with impeccable dances, flawless arabesques, a haunting musical score and all the excitement and drama that lies at the very core of ballet itself. Get your Giselle New York tickets today to bask in the glorious ambience of this timeless classic.

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