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ABT Don Quixote is being presented by the American Ballet Theatre this season, which is one of the leading dance establishments in America. Originating in the year 1939, the company has grown to an unmatchable level, performing fin front of six million audience members on an annual basis. Ever since its establishment the ABT has toured throughout forty two countries, embarking on thirty international tours and showcasing their talent in front of uncountable numbers. A majority of the tours initiated by the ABT are sponsored by the US State Department who look upon this organization as a national treasure. The main aim behind the establishment of this ballet company was to revive the classic ballets and engage the young generation of choreographers to create new ballets and recreate infamous old ones.

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Within a span of forty years the company managed to present some of the most respected full length ballets that include Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Apollo, Jardin Aux Lilas and Rodeo, Les Sylphides, Push Comes to Shove and Airs and Duets. Under the directive expertise of professional choreographers, Oliver Smith and Lucia Chase, the ballet was able to earn an amazing repertoire. Upon the dawn of the twenty first century, the ABT was able to collaborate with geniuses such as Antony Tudor, George Balanchine, Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins and Twyla Tharp.
From 1980 to 1990, the ABT went through massive expansion and reconstruction as Mikhail Baryshnikov became the organization’s artistic director. During his tenure a majority of classic ballets were presented as he was a classic enthusiast. From 1990, Oliver Smith and Jane Hermann took over this post and re-initiated the mission that aggressively pursued not only the classical presentations but also focused on innovative newer creations. The company’s current principal director is Kevin McKenzie who became a part of the institution in 1992 has during his office tenure made ABT become America’s National Ballet Company, as per inducted by the American Congress in 2006.
The upcoming feature presentation by the ABT is the Don Quixote show, which a three act ballet that was written by the great Miguel de Cervantes back in 1869. With musical expertise provided by Ludwig Minkus, chorographical expertise by Alexander Gorsky and Marius Petipa; staging design and costumes by Susan Jones, Santo Loquasto and Kevin McKenzie, this ballet is a classic that shouldn’t be missed out on. So what are you waiting for? Purchase cheap ABT Don Quixote tickets today!
The story of the ballet revolves around characters Kitri, Basil, Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Gamache, Lorenzo, Espada, Mercedes, Amour and the two flower girls. The story begins when the lead character, Don Quixote embarks on a journey with his squire Sancho Panza, to search for his one true love. The first act takes the audiences to the village of Sevilla where Lorenzo’s daughter, Kitri is forcefully being married to Gamache, the nobleman while she is in love with Basilio. When Don Quixote along with his squire makes his way to this village a lot of commotion is caused and he starts to wonder has he has found his true love, when meeting Kitri.
However, after staying there for a few days, Quixote leaves and makes his way to a gypsy camp, where he finds Kitri and Basilio, along with their two friends Mercedes and Espada, who have escaped to cherish their true love. Inspired by their love story, Don Quixote starts dreaming about his true love. However, this dream is interrupted by Lorenzo and Gamache who force Kitri to wed Gamache right there and then. What will happen to the romantic tale of Kitri and Basilio? Will Don Quixote find what he is looking for? If you wish to learn about what happens, all you need to do is buy ABT Don Quixote tickets immediately.

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