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the century. American Ballet Theatre Don Quixote tickets are in high demand as the phenomenal cast prepares to light up the stage of the Lincoln Center, New York with their magnetic performance of the classic story ballet. As the show begins, the character of Don Quixote is shown as being obsessed with heroic tales/novels. The impact of this on him is such that he starts indulging in daydreams where he imagines himself as a brave knight on an expedition to rescue his lady love named Dulcinea. In order to fulfill his fantastical desires, Don asks his servant Sancho to prepare a horse for him and together they set off to search for the girl of his dreams. Kitri is the young beautiful daughter of an inn-keeper called Lorenzo. She is in love with Basilio and having learnt about her father’s intentions of marrying her off to a rich nobleman Gamache, she runs off with her lover. While a dance sequence takes place at this point, she catches the eye of Don Quixote who realizes that she in fact is the human version of Dulcinea. He tries to win her over but in vain.

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The two lovers run into an inn which becomes the setting for the next dance sequence in the story. The couple is again interrupted by their pursuers namely Lorenzo, Gamache and Don Quixote. Lorenzo declares that his daughter shall be married to Gamache as a reaction to which Basilio stabs himself while pleading for Kitri’s hand in marriage. Don convinces Lorenzo to grant the couple his blessings. The end presents a dance celebration of the union of the two lovers. On the other hand, a group of gypsies plan a performance for Don, one that would give an illusion of his fantasy. Don mistakes the gypsy chief’s daughter for Dulicia and engages in a fight to rescue her. Towards the end of the fight Don is seen falling unconscious at Sancho’s feet.
Despite being the title character of the ballet, the story is not based on Don. Rather it revolves continuously around the six characters that play off each other in light hearted humorous way. The wedding sequence is however the most popular of the ballet. The story of the ballet may be clear to those who have read the novel by Cervantes. For others it may lack coherence. However, Don Quixote is not a story with a ballet but a ballet with a story and should be seen and enjoyed as such. During the five act performance the stage is charged up with a series of exceptionally choreographed ballet sequences. From those of the matadors, the street and inn scenes, the gypsies act to the wedding celebration; each sequence performance is a breathtakingly amazing sight.
With excellent music score and perfect timing, Don Quixote is a joyful ballet celebration of the humor and Spanish flair evident in the glorious literary masterpiece of Cervantes. It is a visual adaptation of a small part of the novel made all the more grand by the beauty of the settings, costumes, music, choreography and cast. So get your cheap American Ballet Theatre Don Quixote tickets and enjoy the ballet which has served as a huge challenge over centuries for many performers of the art. 

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