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Make your way to an upcoming majestic ballet that will leave you thoroughly entertained. Come to know about Allie and the Land of Wonder show and become a part of it by getting your hands on cheap Allie and the Land of Wonders tickets as soon as possible. The ballet show is scheduled to take place at the Southern Theatre that is located in Columbus, Ohio. Built back in 1896, the theatre is a local historical landmark. The Southern Theatre is known to hold a variety of shows from live concerts to theatricals and plays. Operated by the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, the theatre’s construction began in 1894 following a huge fire  that destroyed a great portion of the theatres located in Columbus. A local architectural firm made the design of the Southern Theatre which provided reflection of the Schiller Theatre built by Louis H. Sullivan in 1981. It had superior lighting, concentric arches and a self sufficient electrical system which made it a one of a kind commercial building.

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About Allie and the Land of Wonders

The theatre can currently host around thousand spectators in an intimate jewelry box theatre balcony setting. Due to its historical significance, the theatre was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. This time the Southern Theatre becomes host to the upcoming ballet show, Allie and the Land of Wonders, so make your way to a night filled with elegance and sophistication by purchasing Allie and the Land of Wonders tickets without any further delay.
The upcoming show is being presented by the C Dance Company that will infuse ballet with a tinge of hip hop, presenting a musical that will be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. The show will introduce Shirley Murdock, a famous singer from the city of Columbus and some of the youngest, most professional dancers. The C Dance Company is one of Columbus’s leading dance institutions and is a non-profit organization. The company doesn’t only feel its responsibility to promote dance in all its styles and true forms but also considers it their obligation to provide a comfortable environment where people can come to learn dance and express themselves in any way they desire; traditional or nontraditional. Hence, the C Dance Company provides dance classes in ballet, hip hop, modern and contemporary dance and lyrical and liturgical dance.
The upcoming ballet performance promises to showcase a contemporary form of ballet that will combine a traditional technique of dancing with an “en pointe” technique promoted by the French. This technique focuses on dancing only on the tip of your toes that makes the overall performance look as if the dancers are gliding on air. Allie and the Land of Wonders will also showcase a blend of French and Russian ballet dance styles presenting classical, neoclassical and contemporary techniques to the audiences. One can also look forward to the famous R&B and soul singer, Shirley Murdock providing her singing and songwriting expertise at the show. Shirley has released several chart topping hits such as "Zapp and Roger," "As We Lay" and "Computer Love" during the eighties which made her one of the most popular R&B artists of that era. She has also made appearances in several feature film presentations such as Sweating in the Spirit and First Cousins. With a vocal range that can really hit the spot and a team of dancers that will definitely blow your mind away, the event is not one to be missed out on. So if you are interested in being there for this performance, all you need to do is buy Allie and the Land of Wonders tickets as soon as you can.

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