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Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Sascha Grammel enjoys widespread fan following all across Germany as a Class A ventriloquist, puppeteer and most of all; a Comedian. Grammel has created various puppet characters, through which he presents his material and is quite known due to those characters. For his remarkable flavor of comedy, Grammel has been a recipient of various awards and accolades. His first major award came to him in 2007 when he claimed the Audience Award. He claimed the same award again in 2010. Apart from that, he has also won The Great Cabaret Festival's Audience Award, an award at the Hamburger Comedy Cup where he finished at the second spot. In 2010 he also won first spot and an award at the Tuttlingen Crow. In 2011, he took home the Germany Comedy Award for the category of Best Newcomer.

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About Sascha Grammel

Over the years, Grammel has performed at various venues all across the Germany, which is why he enjoys a sound fan base in the country. His act has been witnessed by many, either live or either through his DVD releases. His DVD releases have been quite popular and successful in the country as well. Hetz me not, which was released on DVD in 2010 received 2x Platinum status in 2012 based on the high volume of sales. His live shows attract a large number of audiences in attendance as well, which is why it is recommended that you grab your Sascha Grammel tickets well beforehand if you wish to catch him live at his upcoming live show.
Growing up in the district of Spandau in Berlin, Grammel had a flair for magic and performing arts at an early age, which is why he became a member of the youth wing of the Magic Circle. By the time that he turned eighteen years of age, Grammel then became a member of the adult Magic Circle. As far as his academics were concerned, Grammel trained as a dental technician but amidst all that, he also formed up a magic trio along with Martin Sierp and Timothy Trust back in 1992. The magic trio was known as the Procrastinator, and they went on to win numerous awards for their remarkable performances. During those years of performing live, Grammel gave birth to his own style of performing magic in which he incorporated the elements of ventriloquism, puppetry as well as comedy.
In 1997, Grammel made his public appearance on National televion on RTL television where he performed his solo act called Hetz Not Me. With his show he attained a high number of viewers all over the country. Later on, he tour all across Germany with his live act, attract large audiences on each of his stop. On his show, he debuted three of his puppet characters. In 2009, he signed a deal with Universal Music, after which he recorded his show which was later released on DVD in April 2010. The DVD release went on to reach the #1 spot on the comedy sales charts. Grammel also performed a solo show at the Deutsches Theater of Munich on March 22, 2010. Also in the same year, he made two more appearances on National television in Germany.
For his show Hetz Not Me, Grammel received positive reviews from most of the critics including General Anzeiger Bonn who called his show an evening full of highlights, a triumph. In addition to that, a North Hanoverian Newspaper reviewed his show as Cheerful, Refreshing, Self deprecating. In February 2013, Grammel kicked off another tour of Germany with his new show NO Anhung. He is scheduled to hit various cities across country while on tour, and if you wish to catch him live performing his new show then grab your cheap Sascha Grammel tickets before the stock runs out.

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Sascha Grammel at Würzburg on 10/17 8:00 PM S. Oliver Arena10/17/2015 8:00 PMGo
Sascha Grammel at Wetzlar on 1/27 8:00 PM Rittal Arena1/27/2016 8:00 PMGo
Sascha Grammel at Limburg an der Lahn on 1/28 8:00 PM Josef - Kohlmaier - Halle Stadthalle1/28/2016 8:00 PMGo
Sascha Grammel at Aschaffenburg on 1/30 8:00 PM F.A.N. Frankenstolz Arena1/30/2016 8:00 PMGo
Sascha Grammel at Reutlingen on 2/10 8:00 PM Stadthalle Reutlingen2/10/2016 8:00 PMGo

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