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A hilarious reconstruction of arguably the most famous movie franchise in history is about to grace stages around the country once again. The One Man Star Wars is nothing short of fabulous. It is a play that has captured the attention of millions around the globe since it made its debut. If you are a fan of Star Wars then book your One Man Star Wars tickets and be a part of this wonderful theatrical production live.

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About One Man Star Wars

One Man Star Wars or “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” is an idea that was conceived by the Canadian artist Charles Ross. Ross was a huge fan of Star Wars as a kid. He used to spend countless hours a day watching videos of his favorite movie. Ross was struggling professionally as an actor. He got offers to work in some small commercials as well as movies that were not too mainstream. Ross didn’t have anything concrete to work on so what he did was that he started to do stand-up locally. It was during one those gigs that he first decided to perform a sketch he had prepared on Star Wars. The performance received a very positive feedback and that was the start of it going on to become a global phenomenon.
Charles Ross started to perform Star Wars sketches on regular basis which soon started to catch the attention of the masses. His big break came when LucasFilm found out about Ross. They wanted to see this guy doing stand-up at the expense of their films. Ross send them a tape of his performances. The recording was loved by everyone at LucasFilm and they gave him official permission to do his routines. Not only that, but LucasFilm also sent him to perform at comedy shows.
So then came the time when Charlie Ross decided to take his Star Wars sketches to the masses like it deserved to. He brought TJ Dawe onboard as the director and the two of them went to work immediately. Ross himself became the performer and writer. One Man Star Wars made its full fledged commercial debut in the year 2001 in Toronto. Ross played all the characters with no extra glamour. It was simple and it was brilliant. The show was a big hit and the theme has remained the same ever since. One Man Star Wars has been a revelation. Its unique one man theme and onstage brilliance has taken it to the hearts and minds of millions of theater lovers around the globe. What started as just an experiment at a small scale has now gone on to become something not even Ross envisioned. The success of One Man Star Wars is what actually enabled Ross and Dawe to turn it into a touring extravaganza. It started off performing at arenas around North America only where it received widespread acclaim from every corner. From there the play moved outside the continent. It has since been performed well over an incredible twelve hundred times in a total of over one hundred and eighty cities spanning four continents.
One Man Star Wars is a special production by an equally amazing performer. It began as a little sketch in Canada and became a global craze in just a few years after that. The play and the effort have been applauded by just about everyone who has ever managed to be a part of it and for that it deserves all the accolades that come its way. If you want to see what makes it so special then grab your cheap One Man Star Wars tickets and catch it live for an unbelievable experience.

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