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Originally comprised of nine different short plays, Almost Maine comes from the pen of John Cariani, as it premiered in Portland, Maine. Almost Maine is a romantic comedy that is set in a fictional town of Almost, Maine. The play explores the feelings and emotions of finding love and then losing it in a comic way.

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Almost, Maine made its global premiere at the Portland Stage Company, received critical acclaim. The play was considered to be smart and funny, and was highly appreciated by the critics and the theatergoers alike. After enjoying significant amount of success in Portland, the play then traveled all the way to New York for its Off-Broadway premiere at the Daryl Roth Theatre. The Off-Broadway production of the musical was produced by Jack Thomas and Bruce Payne of the Bulldog Theatrical. Although initially, the play didn't garner positive response from the fans, but later it went on to be highly appraised for its witty, simple and smart comedy. The play still continues to enjoy good amount of popularity in the theatrical community.
During its run in Portland, the play became a massvie success. The development process of the play kicked off in Portland back in 2002 with the collaboration of Artistic Director Andy Polk of the Cape Cod Theater Project and Anita Stewart, Artistic Director of the Portland Stage Company. The play made its world premiere in Portland, Maine in 2004. After selling all of the Almost Maine tickets, the Portland production went on to receive critical acclaim and broke all the previous records in the Portland Stage's history.
The original Portland production of the musical received positive reviews from most of the reviewers at that time. The play was called 'one of the outstanding regional productions of 2004-2005' by the American National Theatre. Moreover the Wall Street Journal also called the play 'one of the best regional theater productions of 2004-05'. Almost, Maine was also nominated for the Smith and Kraus' New Playwrights: Best Plays of 2006. Following the success of all its previous productions, Almost Maine has spawned numerous national and international productions over the years. So if you want to catch one of them in your region, then you can rely on us for cheap Almost Maine tickets.
When it comes to a list of few plays that are mostly produce in North America, Almost Maine happens to be on that list. The play is highly produced in America Schools and has even beaten Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The off-Broadway production of the play kicked off on January 12, 2006 and ran for one whole month at the Daryl Roth Theatre. The off-Broadway production was directed by Gabriel Barre, and it starred Finnerty Steeves, Todd Ceveris, Miriam Shor and Justin Hagan. A production of Almost Maine was also staged at the Illinois High School Theater Festival in January 2012, where the production included almost fifty students as its cast and crew members. The production was witnessed by more than four thousand students, and was highly applauded.
The play tells the tale of the residents of small, mythical and quite town of Almost, where they find themselves falling in love at times, while falling out of it at the other; and all that in a hilarious manner. All through the story, the residents find love, lose it and find it again. Watch as this romantic comedy takes twists and turns during mid of the winter season in the town of Almost, Maine. Named by the Dallas Observer as “ … a wooly midwinter night's dream”, Almost Maine is surely a treat for those who're fishing for something other than tragedy for a change in taste. So grab your Almost Maine tickets and enjoy an amzig theatrical ride!

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