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Orpheus and Eurydice is a classic opera show based on a book by Raniero di Calzabigi, and music by Christoph Willibald Gluck. The show is directed by Jose Maria Condemi, with choreography by Yannis Adoniou, alongside other artists including Phillip Lienau as set designer, Heidi Zamora as costume designer and Connie Yun as lighting designer. The main characters of Orpheus and Eurydice are played by Willaim Burden and Davinia Rodriguez, respectively. Julianne Gearhart and Gary Thor Wedow play Amore and the Conductor. The opera presents an overwhelming account of a legendary Greek hero’s journey into the underworld, in pursuit of finding and rescuing his love interest. This performance has forever changed the very method of musical storytelling with its supreme librettos, dramatic duets, beautiful ballets and of course the famous lament of the hero. Orpheus expresses the timeless capacity of love to conquer all. This masterpiece that features Gluck’s original compositions has made Orpheus and Eurydice tickets an essential cultural treat.

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About Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus and Eurydice was first produced in Vienna in 1762, and then in Paris in 1774 where it was called Orphee et Eurydice. In June 1860, the opera was produced in London at Covent Garden, following which it was staged again in 1885 in New York at Metropolitan Opera House in German. It was then performed in 1886 by the Academy of Music at the American Opera Company under director Theodore Thomas with a cast of Minnie Dilthey, Emma Juch and Helene Hastreiter.
Orpheus and Eurydice begins as Orpheus, the singer, stands surrounded by friends, mourning over the death of his wife Eurydice. The man later leaves for the woods and is seen wandering aimlessly, expressing his sorrow to the trees, stones and streams but nature can provides him no help. He then screams that he will reach for the Underworld to get his wife back, at which point Amore appears in front of him with the message that he may be taken to the underworld since the gods are moved by his remorse. But Amore lays before Orpheus a condition, which is that Orpheus must be able to get through to the hearts of the Underworld tyrants in order to reclaim Eurydice. Amore also warns the singer that on his way back from the depths of the dead world, Orpheus must not glance at Eurydice even once or she will be lost forever. Orpheus, thus full of hope once again, sets to rescue his love.  
The musical compositions in Orpheus and Eurydice show are performed according to the score designed by Gluck, as he wrote it in the 1760s. Gluck is considered to be one of the most influential and revolutionary opera composers from the early classical period, who reformed the dramaturgical aspects of opera that had been in practice for years. Get some cheap Orpheus and Eurydice tickets and allow yourself to experience Glucks powerful music played in the midst of the most moving love story from Greek legends.

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