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Written in 1903, Madama Butterfly is an opera consisting of three acts. Although the original production included two acts, over time the production has evolved into three acts, which preserves the original magic yet makes the performances even more entertaining. The opera is written by Giacomo Puccini. He has written five versions of the play, each version better than the previous one, yet all five versions received applause and fame. Premiered for the first time in 1904, Madama Butterfly has been able to keep its popularity intact for more than a century. Now this incredible opera is coming to thrill the New Yorkers. Get your Metropolitan Opera Madama Butterfly tickets today.

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The first act of the play shows a U.S naval officer, Pinkerton and his soon to be wife named ‘Butterfly’ renting a house in Nagasaki, Japan. Where at one hand, Butterfly is so excited to marry an American that she has already secretly converted to Christianity, Pinkerton only intends to leave her once he finds a proper American wife. The first act is all immersed in love, emotion and hopes for the future. Excitement at one end of the spectrum is balanced by indifference and pretentious regard at the other. The second act is all about the sorrow and pain that comes in a lover’s way. Three years after their marriage, Butterfly is still waiting for her husband to come back. He has shortly left after their marriage.  Despite everyone trying to convince Butterfly that Pinkerton is not coming back, she continues to wait and hope that he will return some day. A mixture of hope and pain immaculately portrayed by this act in the opera is definitely worth watching. The intensity of the story coupled with incredible acting skills of the actors are certain to move the audiences.


The third act is yet again packed with emotion, suspense, twists and turns. To know whether Pinkerton comes back or not and how the story of Butterfly follows, whether her hope wins or she loses this battle, one needs to watch the spectacular performance in person. All that you need to do is to buy Metropolitan Opera Madama Butterfly tickets before they sell out. Get the tickets and jump on the roller coaster of love, passion, deception, hope and regret. The touching story line and the sopranos’ performances will certainly leave the spectators breathless by the end. The music incorporated in the opera is as fascinating as the visual delights in it. Ranging from soft melancholy tunes to passionate cheerful beats of music, the acoustic set up of the opera is also designed to affect the audiences. The live performance of the opera is all the more delightful because of the props and spectacles it incorporates into its presentations.


Giant inflatable sun and moon, almost twelve meters wide rising and setting behind stage according to the scenes and story twists are just one of the several such displays. Metropolitan Opera, the venue for the upcoming performances also adds to the performance. With an impressive repertoire of operas that have been hosted by this arena, the Metropolitan Opera is very well suited for performances such as this, with a huge expected influx of audiences. The performing team of the opera consists of a large symphony-sized orchestra that tends put life to every act.


Several productions of Madama Butterfly have been performed and praised internationally, for more than a century. It has inspired and thrilled generations of opera lovers. Now you also have the chance to watch this beautiful piece of art live in New York. All you need to do is to rush and get your Madama Butterfly opera tickets while they are still available.


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