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Make your way to an upcoming opera performance at the Robert and Judi New Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver, as From Darkness to Light show comes your way. Get your hands on cheap From Darkness to Light tickets as soon as possible, in order to confirm your attendance for the show. This center where the event is scheduled to be held is located on the campus of the Denver University. Established in the year 2003, this opera theatre has been named after Robert and Judi Newman due to their efforts in fundraisings and massive donations that they made towards the construction of the building. The building is a huge center that has numerous performances, rehearsal and academic centers. The three main performance areas include the June Swaner Gates Concert Hall, the Frederick C. Hamilton Family Recital Hall and the Elizabeth Eriksen Byron Theatre. The main opera theatre hall i.e. the June Swaner Gates Concert Hall can cater to a thousand audience members and now brings to the audiences a classic opera presentation named From Darkness to Light.

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This multi-variety center is known to hold the widest range of theatrical performances from classical music shows, to dance shows, jazz and world music performances to musicals and operas. It is known to hold over four hundred performances on an annual basis which are attended by almost one hundred and fifty thousand spectators. If you wish to become one of these spectators this year, all you need to do is remember to purchase From Darkness to Light tickets without any further delay.
The upcoming opera show will feature a performance that is produced by the Central City Opera, Ballet Nouveau, Mizel Arts and Culture Center and Colorado College Symphony. The presentation is a one act opera that was written by the greater Victor Ullman, who is a famous Jewish composer and conductor. Born in the nineteenth century, Ullman is one of the most respected composers of today, composing various popular works. Some of his compositional works, songs, musicals and operas include the Evening Song, Songs with Orchestra, Seven Songs with Piano, Trio for Woodwind, 5th Piano Sonata, Three Chinese Songs for Voice and Piano, 3rd String Quartet, Autumn for Soprano and String Trio, amongst numerous other works.
The opera that will be presented showcases the story of an emperor, death and how one tries to take on the role of another. The story begins when a man named Harlequin is seen describing his sorrowful life and how he pleads death to take away his life. Death belittles this request as it claims how the traditional way of dying is no longer respected and how man engages in war to adopt a more motorized way of dying. This has made death’s work more exhaustive and less satisfying. The next scene takes the audiences to the palace of an emperor who announces a universal battle that will leave behind no survivors. Death denounces his role saying that it is not the emperor’s job but mine to take away life. Meanwhile all of mankind goes to battle, a maiden and a soldier fall in love on the battlefield and the emperor’s advisors are unable to convince them to kill each other as death is no longer doing his job.
Harlequin then visits the emperor and tries to remind him of his innocent childhood and requests him to stop the war. The emperor realizes how foolish he has been and comes face to face with death. He now asks for death to take charge of his rightful duty but death simply refuses to do so. Will the emperor be able to revoke the balance of nature and convince death to end his strike? If you wish to learn about what happens at the end of this fascinating opera, all you need to do is purchase From Darkness to Light tickets as soon as you can.

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