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The Odd Couple is a breathtaking play by legendary playwright, Neil Simon, that debuted back in 1965 on Broadway. This superb has since then become so famous that not only has it spawned a hit film but it has also led to a TV series, derivative works and a number of other spin offs that feature one or more than one actors from the original Neil Simon play. The Odd Couple is therefore a Broadway play that is pretty much one of the most well known plays in American theatrical circles, a play that has already been seen live by many people with The Odd Couple tickets in hand. It is therefore a play with a TV series, a film and a number of other adaptations; the signs of a very successful play in the world of Broadway.

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About The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple, a superb Broadway play by the iconic Neil Simon, has a plot that is equally amazing. The plot follows the story of two roommates living together, both of whom are mismatches with each other, at one place. One of these two roommates is neat and uptight whereas the other of these roommates is slovenly and easygoing. The two roommates are male; however, versions of the play have been made with the two roommates beings females and titled as The Female Odd Couple. These two roommates then have to live together which each other and due to their conflicting personalities, this results in sparks flying, a lot of hilarious situations and a story that will definitely have anyone who is watching this sensational Broadway play, The Odd Couple, on their feet in no time; to avail this entertainment opportunity, all you need are Cheap The Odd Couple tickets in your pockets and that’s it.
Neil Simon was inspired to write this Broadway play, The Odd Couple, by two different events according to two different sources. Most of these sources tell that Neil Simon, writer of this Broadway play The Odd Couple, was inspired after he saw Danny Simon, his brother, and Roy Gerber, a theatrical agent, living together after going through divorces. James Robert parish, author of It’s Good to Be the King, an autobiography of Mel Brooks, writes that Neil Simon was inspired when he saw Mel Brooks living with writer Speed Vogel after a separation. On this event, Speed Vogel writes that Mel Brooks was an insomniac and added to being paranoid as well as having a blood sugar problem, the situation was just a moment away from insanity. This is in fact the essence of this Broadway play, The Odd Couple, a play seen live through Cheap The Odd Couple tickets, is a play in which the act is just moments away from insanity and the very reason this play is so hilarious and engaging.
This amazing play’s original was then written by Neil Simon and directed by Mike Nichols. Its first run lasted just a few short of a thousand and result in not one but many Tony Awards including the Tony Award for the Best Actor and the Tony Award for the Best Author. The Odd Couple features Felix Ingar, a newswriter who is neurotic and a neat freak moving in with his friend, Oscar Madison, after his wife throws him out. Oscar Madison is however a messy sportswriter and thus when his messy lifestyle and Felix Ungar’s neat lifestyle clash, sparks fly and the play is bound to be one of the most engaging ever seen. The original The Odd Couple Broadway run featured Art Carney playing Felix Ungar and Walter Matthau playing Oscar Madison. These two actors were later replaced by Jack Klugman, Eddied Bracken and Paul Dooley, and the play itself had an original run that was a just a few short of a thousand performances.
From 1965 onwards, The Odd Couple has seen a good number of revivals. In 1970, the McMaster Shakespearean Players performed the play, in 1994 a version was performed at Glasgow and that then toured Scotland as well as being played at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2002 and in 1996 a TV series was launched. All in all, many have already seen this play via The Odd Couple tickets you can easily be one of these people as well.

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