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Normal Heart, the partially fictional memoir of Larry Kramer is back in the theatres. It is a strong, stripped down reality based story presented as a rude awakening to the world. This theatrical presentation is set in the eighties, bringing to attention the plummeting HIV/Aids challenges of that time. It has been created with the intent to make people realize the seriousness of the situation. The play has been tweaked to suit the modern times but still the essence remains the same. The story is about the struggle of a gay, Jewish American writer, Ned Weeks. He is concerned about this unidentified disease which is killing people at an alarmingly high rate. The mystifying nature of the situation compels him to take an aggressive road. In this struggle, he finds his true love but will he be able to enjoy any happiness? Find out in this unnervingly original theatrical presentation with your Normal Heart Tickets. 

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