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If you enjoy acapella then you would definitely enjoy any of the cheap Straight No Chaser tickets performances. Straight No Chaser is a great all male band which is credited for reinventing acapella. They rose to fame in the mid 1990s and gathered lots of appreciation for several of their outstanding performances. At varsity level, the group called Straight No Chaser is a very dynamic bunch of young college students of the Indiana University. Some ten or twelve undergraduates make the lineup of the group which changes every year. Almost all of their performances are highly anticipated by the fans as they have revolutionized the acapella genre by making it in sync with the pop, contemporary trends. There fans would be looking forward to their upcoming performance in the Saroyan Theatre.

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About Straight No Chaser

The professional Straight No Chaser group or the SNC comprises of the original members who formed the group when they were undergraduate themselves at the Indiana University in the mid 1990s. The group became immensely popular because of their energetic performances. Almost ten years after the formation of the band, a recorded of one of their performances became so popular on the internet that more than eleven million people watched it online. In these eleven million people was the President of Atlantic Records who later on signed the group. Ever since, the cappella group has been immensely popular with several thousand fans around the US. If you are one of the fans then do buy Straight No Chaser tickets.


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Q:Can I have my straight no chaser tickets omaha refunded if I can't make it to the event?

A:No, as per our company policy Straight No Chaser Omaha Tickets once booked cannot be refunded.