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The story of ‘Cinderella’ has been told in so many ways by so many people over the decades, and it still continues to capture the imagination of young and adults alike. The fable of an oppressed young lady at the hands of her step mother and step sisters is now scheduled to appear in your city. The difference in this production, however, is that the music and lyrics for this play have been given by the innovative and influential musical theatre writing team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. Epitomizing the sophistication and wit of the performance, the duo has added a touch of magic to the musical that has added to its overall appeal. This is your chance to watch their remarkable work. Get your Rodgers and Hammersteins Cinderella tickets before they are all sold out.

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About Rodgers And Hammersteins Cinderella


‘Cinderella’ is the only musical that Rogers and Hammerstein originally wrote for television, in 1957. Before being adapted into a live theatre production, it was remade twice to be broadcasted on TV and was seen in total by more than a hundred million people. Particularly based on the French version of the story, titled Cendrillon, ou la Petite Pantoufle de Vair the production beautifully portrayed the tale of a beautiful young girl dreaming to live a better life free from the cruelty of her stepmother. Its first live theater performance came in 1958. Since then this piece of art as written by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein has been turned into countless successful theater productions.


The performance starts from a village square with an announcement being made for an open invitation to the Prince’s 21st birthday ball. The entire kingdom is high on emotions and sentiments. The Prince is apprehensive to meet the eager women of his realm, whereas the ladies all over the empire are thrilled just at the possibility of being able to meet him. These varying emotions are expressed through delightful songs and lyrics.


On the other side of the story, a sad beautiful girl sitting in the corner near the fire is dreaming of just being able to make it to the ball. This girl named Cinderella is left home by her wicked step sisters and stepmother. Because of her fervent desire, Cinderella’s God Mother suddenly appears and transforms her from a dusty girl in rags into a beautifully gowned lady. Cinderella’s mice friends and a pumpkin lying nearby are also converted into horsemen and carriage by her God Mother with the condition that Cinderella does not stay past midnight at the ball or the magic will wear off.


The rest of the story also follows just like it has been told over the decades. If you know the story then the performance will delight you by bringing to life the characters that you have read and heard about. However if you are unaware of the Cinderella’s fable then the musical will thrill you with its beauty and detail in the story.


Rogers and Hammerstein are renowned for their productions. The duo is sometimes credited with initiating the Golden Age of theatre in the forties and fifties, due to their long string of successful productions. Rodgers’s talents lie in composing the music while Hammerstein adds magic with his lyrics. The duo has been awarded with several honors commending their works, including two Grammy Awards, fifteen Academy Awards, thirty-four Tony Awards as well as a Pulitzer Prize. Now that Cinderella is scheduled to appear in your city, this provides an excellent opportunity for you to catch this magical tale live. Get your Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella tickets today so that you do not miss out on the chance of watching an incredible live theatre performance.


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