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The musical that will celebrate the life of the legendary soul music singer Ray Charles is now coming to your town with Ray the Musical tickets being made available in the market. This new Broadway musical is produced by Stuart Benjamin with Karan, Howard Baldwin and Sheldon Epps. This summer the musical is hitting the stage of California Performing Arts Center to entertain the locals. This musical is deeply rooted in soul music and relives the magic that Charles once created on the live stage. For the fans of the genre, attending this musical is a must.

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About Ray The Musical

Ray Charles is among the pioneers of soul music who invented the genre out of mixing of gospel, blues and rhythm. He also artfully integrated pop and country music in the 60s with his successful ABC Records album “Modern Sounds.” During his contract with ABC, Charles became the very first musician of the African American descent to have been given complete artistic control by a mainstream company.  Frank Sinatra praised him as being “perhaps the only real genius of show business.” The people he mentioned as his influences included Nat King Cole, Art Tatum and Louis Armstrong.
Ray Charles left school when he was fifteen, after the death of his mother. He then moved with his guardians to Jacksonville where for about a year he was the piano player for several different bands in LaVilla’s Ritz Theatre. In 1950, Charles performed at Miami Hotel, where Henry Stone heard him and got inspired. He recorded with him an album by the name of ‘Ray Charles Rockin’. In 1952, he landed a contract with Atlantic Records and released “The Midnight Hour/Roll With My Baby” in September. In 1954, he released the single I Got A Woman which was his first song to make it to R&B list and number one position.
Ray Charles released a number of legendary hits in the coming years such as Drown In My Own Tears, Lonely Avenue, The Little Girl of Mine and The Night Time Is the Right Time. He also continued to experiment with instrumental jazz, releasing albums like “The Great Ray Charles.” Charles reached the peak of his career after the release of the song What’d I Say, a complicated song which was a mixture of blues, jazz, Latin and gospel. After a long time in the limelight, Charles’ career suffered major decline for a few years, until he returned in the 80s.
Ray Charles’ legacy lives on and back in his era, his voice was the most recognized one in the US. In 1979 he was inducted in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and his track ‘Georgia On My Mind’ was officially made Georgia’s state song. In 1981, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and also became one of the earliest inductees of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In 2004 he was included in Jazz Hall of Fame as well. In 1993, Charles was honored with National Medal of Arts and given the ‘Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award’. And this is all only a scrap from the list of his achievements.
Ray Charles Musical is choreographed by Kenneth L. Roberson. The musical will include some of his biggest hits with beautiful performances. The musical was an idea of Benjamin, who worked with the legend for around fifteen years. With the Ray the Musical tickets you can embark on a journey that will take you to the Ray Charles blues era. If you are a fan of gospel, jazz, blues and classics, make sure you attend this upcoming event.

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