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Girls Night: The Musical is an Entertainment Event Production which premiered in 2003 in England. Following the successful debut, the show was seen in various cities and then it eventually reached the US audience in the year 2007. Ever since the show’s premiere in the country, the demand for the Girls Night The Musical tickets is increasing. The hit musical is primarily a treat for the female audience, but so far it has seen a varied attendance. We have got cheap Girls Night The Musical tickets for you. Grab the tickets for the nearest venue and enjoy the party-like aura that she show always manages to create.

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About Girls Night The Musical

Girls Night: The Musical is penned by the talented and equally popular writer Louise Roche. Roche came up with the idea of writing a musical for women when she attended the Shane Richie musical and noticed the majority of the viewers were females. Hence she decided to come up with a story which women will enjoy to the fullest. Initially Roche presented the musical at a local venue with some friends and herself performing in the show. The unexpected appreciation and excellent reviews gained the attention of a production company. Today the Girls Night has been played all across the UK, US and expected to be seen in other countries as well. The contributions of the director Jack Randle must not be ignored when talking about the success of this musical.  
Girls Night: The Musical revolves around four women aged between thirty and forty years, who have been friends since teens. They decide to meet at a night club in order to celebrate the engagement of the daughter of their other friend Sharon. Sharon passed away in an accident during her twenties. Late Sharon also joins the bunch, wearing the angel wings and jeans and talks to the audience. However, the other four friends Carol, Anita, Liza and Kate are unaware of her ‘invisible presence’. Each of them has a different personality and their individual problems.
The musical focuses on each of the five characters and their personal problems which they share with each other. The writer chose this particular age group of women because this is the time when they have experienced all the relations and have probably weathered difficult times. The emotional problems and insecurities are revealed by each character and they brainstorm in order to find a solution for each of the problem. However, the musical also takes the audiences into the flashback when these ladies were in their teens and had a stress-free life. The interesting thing about this show is that every lady watching the show can easily relate to any one of the character. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for the success of Girls Night The Musical.  
“Desperate Housewives meets Mamma Mia” is how the Applause Magazine describes Girls Night: The Musical. The entertaining and hilarious musical includes a bunch of Karaoke anthems. If you need a break from your daily routine and want to enjoy a show which takes you back in time and also lifts your spirit, then there is no better option other than this musical. You will get to hear foot-tapping, chirpy songs like, Man, I Feel Like a WomanIt's Raining Men, I Will SurviveLady Marmalade, We are family and many more. So ladies, wrap up your chores, leave your kids with their daddy for a day and plan a fun-filled night with your friends. The musical is coming to your city now! The Girls Night: The Musical tickets are waiting to be bought by all the young at heart females. The show will immediately take you to the karaoke bar where the party-like atmosphere and the exhilarating story will keep you hooked to your seats till the last minute. We have also got some cheap Girls Night The Musical tickets that can surely mark your attendance at this enchanting show. Get your tickets soon, before they are all gone!

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