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The Buddy Holly Story is a mind blowing musical based upon the life of the famous Buddy Holly, one of the greatest artists America has ever seen. This fabulous musical has music in it being the original songs as released and recorded by Buddy Holly himself. The book for this enlightened jukebox musical is written by Alan Janes. This superb musical first premiered back n 1989 on London’s West End and was followed closely by a premiere on Broadway in New York City in 1990. In 2007, this fascinating musical also saw a West End Revival in London and has since then since a good number of very popular runs. This breathtaking jukebox musical is composed of two different acts both written by Alan Janes. The music for this musical is made up of original The Buddy Holly Story songs whose lyrics were written by a number of songwritwers. The story that makes up the musical is based upon the career and life of Buddy Holly, one of the best known rock and roll artists America has ever seen; many fans of musicals and rock ‘n’ roll have already gotten hold of either Buddy Holly Story tickets and watched The Buddy Holly Story musical live, something that even you can easily do.

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About Buddy The Buddy Holly Story

Before Buddy Holly Story the musical, known also as Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story, was released, a film was released in 1978. This superb film also followed the life of the legendary Buddy Holly and had a similar storyline to The Buddy Holly Story musical. This musical is also widely regarded as one of the very first jukebox musicals, a group of musical that contains other iconic musical such as Jersey Boys. This amazing musical that is The Buddy Holly Story also features songs by other great rockstars, part of the group of early rockstars of which Buddy Holly was a part. The best way to listen to music by this iconic rockstar live, today, is through Buddy The Buddy Holly Story tickets.  
The Buddy Holly Story musical was the idea of Laurie Mansfield who then approached Greg Smith, a film producer, and Alan Janes, a writer in 1988. This musical was then taken over by Paul Elliot, a renowned producer on London’s West End and supported by Paul McCartney, who also owned copyrights to Buddy Holly’s music. This team of renowned professionals resulted in a superb musical that opened in 1989 and ran for a record twelve years on London’s West End. During this time, The Buddy Holly Story musical also saw a run on New York City’s Broadway as well as many different tours and productions all over the world. Today, The Buddy Holly Story musical sees numerous tours as well as productions in the US, the UK and many other parts of the world.
The original West End production was directed by Rob Bettinson and starred Paul Hipp as Buddy Holly. It opened at the Victoria Palace Theatre on West End where it ran for six years before moving on to the Strand Theatre for six more years. By 2002, this musical saw over five thousand performances resulting in it being one of the longest running musicals ever in the history of London. Two different cast albums for The Buddy Holly Story musical were also released; the first was an original cast recording that came out in 1989 whereas the second was a live record of The Buddy Holly Story performance at the Strand Theatre in 1995. The Buddy Holly Story musical also saw a run in Toronto, Japan and played at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway. At this venue, The Buddy Holly Story musical saw more than two hundred performances. For those on a tight budget, Cheap The Buddy Holly Story tickets are available to catch this fantastic musical live.
From then onwards, The Buddy Holly Story musical has seen many tours; these include UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Holland, Ireland, Singapore and Japan. In the US, a 200 tour occurred that traveled to twenty seven cities whereas in the UK five different tours have occurred each year from 2006 to 2011 except for 2010. In awards, The Buddy Holly Story musical has been honored with two Laurence Olivier Award nominations, one Tony Award nomination, one Drama Desk Award nomination and one Theatre World Award. These are achievements that make this musical worthy of The Buddy Holly Story tickets.

Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story is a lively musical that tells the true story of a Rock n’ Roll star’s short-lived legacy. Not only that, the musical focuses mainly on melodies by Buddy Holly and other rockers of the 1950’s. The plan to make this musical began to take shape in the year 1988. This was when Laurie Mansfield consulted with film producer Greg Smith and writer Alan Janes to transform the true story into a musical. The musical took off in the year 1989 in London’s West End and run there for around twelve years. Out of these twelve years, six were spent in the Victorian Palace Theatre and another six and a few months in the Strand Theatre. Side by side, The Buddy Holly Story was gaining fame and was simultaneously being executed in other famous cities such as New York City and Toronto.
So what makes people really want to go for Buddy The Buddy Holly Story tickets? The answer is pretty simple. The show presents a perfect mix of entertaining music and story of young star’s ambitious dreams. The adventures of Buddy and his fellows keep you hooked from the start of the musical till the curtain’s call. Buddy, who starts out as a Country and Western singer, along with his friends Joe and Jerry and with a bit of help from a local DJ move on to make a mark in the music industry. Within a short span of time, Buddy and ‘The Crickets’ (Joe and Jerry) land themselves a contract at Decca Records, Nashville with the record producer, Norman Petty. Within no time, they start recording Buddy’s claim to fame, ‘That’ll be the Day’. From here onwards, Buddy and ‘The Crickets’ immediately become the hottest sensation in town.
The very famous Buddy now moves to New York City where he ends up marrying his music publisher’s receptionist, a Puerto Rican woman who goes by the name Maria Elena Santiago. Soon after, Buddy and ‘The Cricketers’ go their separate ways; this separation is what marks the start of his solo career. Buddy goes on further into the world of fame and finds himself in the ‘Winter Dance Party 1959’ tour. Facing hardships such as the extreme cold and rough living conditions, the tour successfully brings the Rock n’ Roll performer to his last show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Here he performs hits like ‘La Bamba’ with Ritchie Valens and ‘Chantilly Lace’ with the ‘Big Popper’ J.P. Richardson. Soon after the concert, Buddy does not keep his word and decides to fly even when his pregnant wife said not to.
The consequences of a broken promise mark an unexpected twist to the young talent’s life. At the same time, this is what makes the musical something that attracts all. Because of its amazing storyline and music, Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story tickets have been selling like hot cakes. The musical has quite a few awards and nominations to claim. These include wins such at the Theater World Award and nominations for the Tony Award. After years of its debut, the musical still thrills the audience that is evident from its successful runs in major countries. These not only include the USA and UK but also countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Holland, Finland, Ireland, Japan and Singapore. The musical is not only restricted to English language; it has also run in the Dutch language in Netherlands with English music.

The Buddy Holly Story is a musical that is well suited for audiences of all ages. A fun fact about the musical is that during the U.S. West Coast production in 2003, Maria Elena Holly herself attended all the shows and danced with the entire cast and crew towards the end of each show.

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