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Musicals and stage performances have always been a great entertainment for people of all ages. Most of the classical tales and books have been adopted for film production and musicals and have become widely popular. Some of the all time favorite classic shows remain a huge attraction for millions of people. Alice in Wonderland is also an example of such shows which have been in picture for more than a century.

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About Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a musical which is based on a dream adventure novel by Lewis Carroll. It was first adopted as a musical in late 1800’s in London. Phoebe Carlo played the lead role of Alice. Walter Slaughter composed the music for this show. The show is mainly targeted at children and has gained massive popularity since it premiered. The beautifully mounted musical still features the original lyrics and is classy enough to be of attraction to the adults as well. The charming play, the artistic costumes and delightful story is presented to the audience in a modern way, but finds its roots in the original storyline. The music includes a perfect mix of opera and pop. Acting, drama, emotions and expressions along with the powerful tale are presented in a fantastic manner. The amazing dialogues, scene transitions, choreography and of course the ultimate music makes it all the more amazing.  

The sensational Broadway production Alice in Wonderland involves a cast of about 34 people. Five actresses, with a similar getup and makeup share the role of Alice in the live performance. The different actresses show ‘Alice’ in different psychological situations and at different emotional state. At one time, all the five ‘Alice’ are seen on stage, featuring the character’s disambiguation.  It is one hour and twenty minutes long show and has got some great musical numbers such as ‘I’m Late’, ‘Whoooo are youuuu’, ‘The Golden Afternoon’ and many other.

As the name suggests, the story is all about the wonderland which Alice dreams of. It starts with a perfect summer day when Alice is sitting in a park with Mathilda, her sister, and starts daydreaming. Alice notices a white rabbit passing by her, rushing towards his hole. Alice follows him while encountering many unique creatures on the way. She reaches the door where rabbit disappeared but can’t enter as it was too small. She gets a magic cookie from the doorknob and eats it, which shrinks her to the size required to pass by the door. She finds the rabbit there, who then teaches her manners. Mistakenly, she sneaks a bite of cookie again, growing large again and getting stuck in the small house. Eating a carrot from the rabbit’s garden shrinks her extra small and she hides under the flowers. She goes to the Mad Hunter’s tea party with the rabbit, grows to normal size again and plays the game of ‘Simon Says’ at the Royal party. The queen of hearts gets angry when Alice wins the game, and orders the Royal Cardsmen to chop her head off. While defending herself, she suddenly finds herself back in the garden with Mathilda but finds rabbit’s watch in her pocket.

The fascinating story of the wonderland is supported much by the songs which fit perfectly into the situations. Apart from that, the interesting characters like the queen of hearts and the cardsmen make the musical a very creative piece of work. It’s a fascinating tale which engrosses the viewers because of the characters which have been incorporated into the tale in a perfect way. Not only will the kids enjoy this fabulous musical, but you will also find yourself totally lost in the story when you watch it live. Get your Alice in Wonderland Tickets as soon as possible, and enjoy this classic musical live. 

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