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100 Years of Broadway is a concert by Neil Berg and his band, which features popular songs from well known musicals. The show has picked up Broadway’s most celebrated music scores and plays and then molded them to put together the biggest tribute show. And who better to pay homage to the theatre legacy than the people who bring it to life themselves—the famous Broadway actors and actresses. Berg, who has been a producer and composer in the industry for a long time sits at the piano during the show, giving insight on particular songs that he composed or witnessed being made. Fans of theatre will be in for a musical galore with 100 Years of Broadway Carmel tickets.

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One of the main performers of the show is Sandra Joseph. She has made her name in the industry through her incredible portrayal of the character, Christine in “Phantom of the Opera.” Her career is often defined by this role as she played the part for over ten years, the longest any actress has had the lead role for this play. Another highlight of the show is William Michael, who is popular for playing the Beast from the “Beauty and the Beast.” He is known for playing a number of other influential roles as well. He was the Phantom in “Phantom of the Opera”, Javert in “Les Miserables” and Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music.” Other Broadway legends will also be in attendance, belting out the tunes they are most known for. So get your cheap 100 Years of Broadway Carmel tickets and be a part of one of the highly anticipated entertainment events of the year.