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Mac King is a well known comedic magician. King has effectively given many special television appearances, he is often seen as a co-host on the television specials that he does. King is best known for his own show which is friendly and family oriented and is known as The Mac King Comedy Magic Show. This show takes place live at the famous Clint Holmes Theater which is at the Harrah’s in Las Vegas in the United States of America. On the NBC television channel, King makes several special appearances on the show called The World’s Greatest Magic. On this particular show, he has successfully taught many of the members of his live audience some of his magic tricks. He refers to this segment of the program as Mac King School of Magic. At the moment, King is one of the only comedic magicians to make appearances in the five specials of the television network.

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Furthermore, apart from his television specials and his live performances at the Harrah’s, he also fervently gives performances in over 60 private corporate events every year all of which are mega successful. A few of his well known magical shows comprise of Fig Newtons, goldfish and a signature yellow colored raincoat of his which he says is a magic cloak that causes invisibility for those who wear it.
There is one incident that took place in one of his live shows that have become increasingly memorable. Mac King is known to utilize scissors that extremely razor sharp. While performing one of his cut and restoration routines of magic live on the stage, he accidently cut the tip of his thumb. Immediately, King tried his best to wrap the thumb with a tape to stop the excessive bleeding. However, that did not help him, so he asked his audience if there was a nurse present. Luckily, there was a nurse in the crowd who came to the stage to help King. He carried on his live show without hesitating right till the show ended. Once the show was over, he finally went to the hospital to have his thumb treated.
King is well known as one of the finest comedic magicians of today’s day and age. When his performances end, he makes it a point to show all of the attendees as they make an exit from the venue and while doing so, he signs autographs for fans which commonly read “I’m Mac King” and also takes pictures with his fans and signs books for them. If you are a fan of watching a great live comedic magic show or a fan of Mac King then this is your ultimate chance to buy cheap Mac King tickets that are in a great demand. We give you our word that you will enjoy every moment of this live show with your friends and loved ones.
Mac King is not just a magician but also an acclaimed actor, writer and an illusionist. He is best known for magic kits, magic in a minute videos and also syndicated comic strips. King has fruitfully co-authored a total of three books: Campfire, Tricks With Your head and the Great Big Ol’ Book-o-Magic. All of his live shows are hailed to be completely sold out in advance. His shows are enigmatic and charming. They dazzle and literally put the audience in awe. The finesse and expertise of his tricks are truly mind blowing. The comedy that he uses with his acts are perfectly blended with his routines and the overall package of entertainment at his events is without any reasonable doubt remarkable. Buy Mac King tickets today so that you can experience one of the greatest live, hilarious magic shows ever.

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