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The Beatleshow is a Las Vegas based tribute show in which one of the greatest British band of all time is honored—The Beatles. Often known as the group that caused the British Invasion in America in the 1960s, they have been credited as having some of the best songs ever written and changing the course of pop and rock music as we know it. Consisting of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, the foursome has inspired many modern day artists who continue to take cues from their songbook. The Vegas show will thus be attempting to recreate some of their best known songs. Those who have never been to a Beatles concert can live through what it was like back in the day as the talent tribute artists take the stage in costume. Those interested in watching the show can get Beatleshow tickets.

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The Beatles in their time experimented with a number of genres, all across the board of rock n roll. They tried their hand at psychedelic rock with songs like “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, and “I am the Walrus”. They have also has punk rock tunes such as “Helter Skelter”. Then, there have been their more famous pop tunes that are widely known even today, like “Let it Be”, and “Hey Jude”. Even though their music is the primary reason of their success, The Beatles became known for more than just that—their ideologies would later on start cultural movements as well.
In the Vegas Beatleshow, the role of John Lennon will be taken on by Steve Craig. Lennon was one of the primary songwriters for the group. His songwriting partnership with Paul McCartney is still considered as being the most successful collaborations. Thus, Craig will have the responsibility of portraying the man who held his ideals in bohemian groups, Indian Classical Music and spirituality. However, the audience can best be assured that he is the perfect man to do this job because he has been voted the as the top talent to portray Lennon. This vote has been given not only because of his amazing musical talent, which helps him hold a Beatles tune with ease, but also because of his uncanny resemblance to the artist. He started his career in California where he played with a band called “Albert Hall”. Together, they would cover the British rock band in the many shows they played. The first time he performed as John Lennon, he was welcomed by 10,000 fans and he realized his true talent. There has been no looking back for Craig since then, as he is now known as the top tribute guy for Lennon in Vegas.
Adam Joel will be taking on Paul McCartney in the Beatleshow. Joel has the responsibility of portraying a talent that has been responsible for penning a majority of the Beatles hits, and amazing tunes during his solo career as well. Joel himself was born and raised in New York around music which gave him a natural capability. Those who have heard him play live often say that he is perhaps better than many popular contemporary musicians. Along with being a good singer, he is an excellent guitar player as well, proficient especially with an acoustic. For this show in particular, he has learned to play the left hand bass so he could correctly portray McCartney. Apart from his musical abilities, Joel also brings the fun, youthful quality to the show that McCartney did to the Beatles.
Glen McCallum will be taking on George Harrison, the guitarist and sometimes songwriter for the band. McCallum comes from Sydney, Australia and his aptitude with the guitar has easily hauled him as the best man to play Harrison. He is also experienced as a Beatles tribute artist, having played in various cover shows around the world. Out of the four cast members, he is probably the most in demand by other productions and so the Beatleshow is pleased to have him. Finally, the role of Ringo Starr, the drummer for the Beatles is going to be played by Tony Felicetta. Like Craig, he too is from California and emanates the same on stage personality as Starr, making him the perfect candidate to complete the foursome. The show will consist of all the hits that the rock and roll band have had; cheap Beatleshow tickets are already on sale.

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