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Disney on Ice is a special series of live shows in which stories from popular Disney movies are interpreted on the ice. A cast of professional skaters and ice dancers display creative skills and bring entertainment to the show, turning it into quite the spectacle. Added to this are the amazing costumes and set designs that attempt to create the same fantasy atmosphere that the Disney movies bring forth. Popular since the late 1980s, the shows have now evolved into one of the biggest live productions for children. They are brought to the stage each year by “Feld Entertainment” who keeps devising new ways to keep the shows fresh and innovative. Thus, this season, the audience will be treated to a new set of performances as Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure tickets go on sale.

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About Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure

Although the shows can be enjoyed by people of all ages, their target market has always been children. Since the show’s inception, talented figure skaters and ice dancers that have competed in international tournaments have performed for these ice shows. When they take the rink, they are introduced as the characters and never as themselves. The programs schedules and leaflets that are distributed in the audience which have the sequence of events and cast listing, also presents the skaters as the Disney characters they are portraying and do not reveal their true identities. This is because Disney wants to maintain the fantasy aspect that has become their signature style. They want to be able to bring the same magic and wonder that they manage to portray in their films and cartoons.

The music and choreography for the shows is also taken from the original films. For example, in the “Beauty and the Beast” skit, the skating rink is transformed into the ballroom of the palace where Belle puts on the yellow dress and waltzes with the Beast. In the Aladdin skit, the rink changes into Agrabah as Aladdin and Jasmine ride on the magic carpet to “A Whole New World”. Those who have Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure tickets will also be able to enjoy the music and culture of Hawaii, as Lilo and Stitch take the stage dancing the hula or grooving to Elvis Presley music.

They will also be taken across Neverland with Peter and Wendy in another portion of the show, and under the sea with Ariel and her family and the evil Ursula. One of the most exciting segments of the ice shows is when the rink transforms into the African Jungle and “The Lion King” cast takes the stage. Their animal costumes are well designed and capture the audience’s attention. Moreover, the choreography to songs like “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” is energetic with many group transitions and fast movements. Children tend to enjoy this segment the most for this is where the make believe aspect of the ice shows is heightened.

These shows have been popular all over the world ever since they began in 1981. When they first started, they were referred to as “Walt Disney’s World on Ice”. It was in 1998 that the name for shortened to what we know of now. Today, the shows have 8 productions that take place globally. After gaining major popularity in North America, the production team began to expand its horizons and spread out in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. As Disney’s films and stories keep increasing, so do these shows. Every two years, the ice shows are rebooted and new stories are added. In the years when there are too many new films to accommodate, a brand new production is put together. The most recent production was organized in 2012 when “Brave” and “Tangled” were added to the repertoire in a new show called “Rockin’ Ever After”.

The Passport to Adventure series is the longest running segment of the Disney on Ice programs. The franchise’s classics and most loved films are taken as the inspiration for this tour, including “The Little Mermaid”, “The Jungle Book” and “Peter Pan”. The last couple of years saw the introduction of the new Disney tales, “Tangled” and “The Princess and the Frog” as well. The backdrops from all these films—the sea world from Mermaid, the African jungles from Lion King, and all of Never Land from Peter Pan is enough to make the audience’s imagination run wild.

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