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One of the most awaited dance parties of this year is on the move. The superstar siblings, Derek Hough and Julianne Hough are bringing an epic mix of dance, music and singing, all combined in one great show. The tour kicked off on 28th May at Park City Kansas and will be stopping at forty-two major cities all across the US. It will conclude on 26th July in Los Angeles. Become a part of this exclusive show that is a true celebration of dance. The tickets are selling out quickly so act as quickly as you can to get your Move Live on Tour tickets today.

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About Move Live on Tour


The Hough siblings were born in a family of professional dancers based in Utah. Their parents had met during ballroom dancing and all their four grandparents were talented dancers too. Hence it was all but natural that the dancing gene was passed on to Derek and Julianne. Their passion and talent for dancing was evident from an early age. To pursue this passion, Derek Hough was sent to London to study and live with dance coaches Shirley and Corky Ballas. After only a few months Julianne joined Derek in London and together they attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. During their education, they were trained in gymnastics and multiple forms of dance including ballet, tap, ballroom and jazz. They also received formal coaching in singing and theatre. Julianne remained in London for five years whereas Derek extended his stay to teach at the Academy and finally returned to the US after a decade.


In the United States, a promising career in dance arts was waiting for both of them. Julianne’s first career highlight was her participation in the fourth US edition of Dancing with the Stars. With her talented partner Apolo Ohno, she went on to win the season and in effect became the youngest professional dancer winner.  She returned in season five and achieved another great win with her partner Helio Castroneves. In all, she appeared five times on this grand show and was also invited as a guest judge in the 2013 season. She has also performed in a leading role in many hit Hollywood films including Safe Haven, Rock of Ages and Footloose. Lately, Julianne has ventured into the music industry and released a top-selling country music album that charted at number 3 position on the Billboard Top 200.


The other Hough sibling has had an equally successful career. Derek first appeared as a guest instructor in fourth season of Dancing with the Stars and then joined the show officially as a professional dancer in the next season. To date, he is part of the show and has won the title for five seasons. Besides this, he has worked on several other dance projects including choreographing an Olympics dance routine for world champion ice-skaters Charlie White and Meryl Davis. For his polished talent, Derek has received ‘LA Outstanding Dancer of the Year’ award and the 2014 Emmy for ‘Outstanding Choreography’.


Both the siblings are great performers individually, but when they come together they bring out the best in each other. After years of promising a show together, this year Derek and Julianne are putting on a live dance tour. For the choreography of the show, they have teamed up with the award-winning duo Nappytabs from So You Think You Can Dance.


The first ever Move Live on Tour promises an ultimate dance extravaganza. It is a thrilling combination of excellent dancing, great music scores and non-stop entertainment. This show will display the Hough siblings performing some amazing dance routines in different combinations including solo acts, duets and partnering with many dance crew members. From slow moody numbers to current techno and hit pop beats, the show has a hint of all.


Derek and Julianne will entertain the audience with a number of live singing sessions as well. Several of the songs will be from Julianne’s recent hit album. However, the most awaited duet is a competitive song Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) where the siblings bring on a little rivalry drama. They compare their career achievements in an amusing and charming way. Besides this the guests can also enjoy Derek’s small chit-chat session and interaction with the audience while Julianne exits the stage for her dozen or so costume changes.


Move Live on Tour is a comprehensive stage production with interesting sets and costumes, a crew of ten amazing dancers along with the Hough siblings. The dance energy, musical surprises, guest appearances and audience interactive sessions that the show promises to bring has certainly raised its popularity to a Broadway spectacle. Experience this unique dance party by getting your Move Live on Tour tickets now.