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To some people, watching live entertainment is as close as it comes to mixing the dangers of performing a certain series of actions in accordance with the performer’s real life. Watching a bunch of people take on the role of entertainers and seeing them perform actions or stunts that others would consider dangerous is quite an experience on its own. Circus entertainment can be trailed back to the great Roman Empire whereas the modern concept of a circus started in the 18th century. Ever since then, people have reveled on the chance of sitting down in front of stage and watch the performances of the people taking part. Considering the live audience, it’s considered a more challenging task for performers too. The margin of error is next to nothing considering the performer’s lives are at risk too. In this modern era, it comes as no surprise to see this ancient form of entertainment still thriving, with numerous shows around the world. One company that has mastered the art of circus entertainment and one which is loved by millions of people around the globe is Cirque Du Soleil, translated to “Circus of the Sun”. It is a Canadian company which employs 4000 people from over 40 countries and which generates annual revenues exceeding 810 million US Dollars.

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About Cirque du Soleil Ovo

Cirque du Soleil first opened its door to the magnificent world of the circus production titled Ovo in 2009. It was first premiered to a live audience in the city of Montréal. The show is the brainchild of Deborah Colker. The show took its inspiration from, as it was later revealed by the show’s creator and director, from the world of insects. Although it might involve the use of various forms of dancing, a whole variety of insects and a number of talented people, it was seen that every act in the show is based primarily on movement. It is thus, a complicated mixture between all of the variables involved in the show. Everyone involved in the show can be seen performing various stunts and acts; flying, jumping, crawling etc, just to symbolize the key idea; movement. It was the music of Brazil that originally inspired Berna Ceppas, the composer, to come up with a score for the show. The show’s name; Ovo, takes its origins from a Portuguese word which, when translated, stand for an egg. The name itself is artistically designed for the show’s logo and it portrays a set of eyes and a nose, coming together in such a way that it represents a face.

Gringo Cardio is the brainchild behind the stage and set that is being used by the performers of the show. He makes use of unorthodox shapes in order to build a framework that is used throughout the structure. Coming to the dimensions of the structure, the rear wall, when measured, is eight meters high and nineteen meters wide. The structure is supported by a set of fixed cables that run along its sides. As a result of this, it provides the performers a platform which they use in order to slide the trampolines into place before the finale begins. Located inside the walls are bulbs which have different colors of LED lights fitted in them. These, when turned on, can produce a vast array of colorful lights in order to awe the audience. The props used in the show also are quite extraordinary. The membranes that are shown by the crew throughout the show are massive in size. When measured they are almost seventeen meters high and twenty four meters wide. Even the egg presented in the start is measured at seven meters high and eight and a half meters wide.

As of 2010, Cirque du Soleil can proudly claim Ovo currently consists of their highest and most dangerous stunts. A total of eighty cables require immediate installation during the course of the show in order to support the stunts being undertaken by the performers. It is, in no way, an easy task as it takes at least forty technicians and performers alike to complete. The net that is used in the trapeze is also huge in size. The show has almost ten acrobatic-related acts and the rest are dancing or merely supplemental to the storyline that the show portrays. The show's music originates primarily from Brazilian genres such as Samba.

Considering the uniqueness in the storyline and the acts that are used, Ovo is certainly a true out of the box production by the Cirque Du Soleil. Keeping that in mind, it surely will blow away its audience with its creativity and charisma. In order to ensure that you too can be part of that experience, buy your Cirque Du Soleil Ovo Tickets today.

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