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Cirque du Soleil Ka show does complete justice to the term "the greatest show on earth" and then some. Enjoying the resident show status at its namesake theater in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Ka has enthralled more than a million patrons since its inception. With a transcontinental architectural and structural design team, the show entails gigantic moving platforms, cranes and cantilevers to create the impression of a breathtaking floating performance in a seemingly bottomless abyss.

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The story of Cirque du Soleil Ka is told in a tapestry of 14 scenes that depict the journey of the Imperial Twins who being separated during their youth, go through a trial by fire, the Ka. The Pageant opens up with an imposing ship’s deck set, The Royal Barge, with the twins on board who are entertained with a display of Wushu style martial arts, Chinese Opera, Brazilian Capoeira and Flamenco dance. The scene transitions to The Storm which posits an imposing 1800 pound ship on the staged platform that is rocked every which way as the Twins attempt to escape from the "Archers" and the "Spearmen".  Alas the Twin Sister and the Nursemaid find themselves in The Deep water and the Twin Brother lands in the The Archer’s Den and has his miseries compounded by the Counselor’s Son.

The Twin Sister and the Nursemaid undergo The wash-up on the shore and frolic with some giant sea creatures, whereas the Twin Brother is consoled by the Court Jester’s shadow puppetry whilst in captivity. The Twin Sister and her entourage’s do The climb away from the chasing Archers and Spearmen with the entire stage tilting precariously, and then are rescued by the Mountain Tribe from The Blizzard who then take The Flight in their flying contraption made from their animal hide tents, whereby escaping the storm with the rescued duo. The Chief Archer’s daughter develops a soft spot for the captive Twin Brother and frees him in a bout of flirtation. The Twin Sister has her own flirty flit with the Firefly Boy after she falls from her flight into his floral domain. The Twins’ joyful reunion is marred by the appearance of the morbidly fantastic Wheel of Death and then The Battle Begins with the Twins joining forces with the Firefly boy and his Forest People against the sinister Archers and Spearmen. The Aftermath sees the defeated Counselor’s Son make amends culminating in a spectacular fireworks display.  

The cheap Cirque du Soleil Ka tickets show was created by the acclaimed theatre extraordinaire Robert Lepage, who has been consistently contributing to the performing arts since the late seventies, especially through the productions brought out by his theatrical company Ex Machina. Since creating Ka, Lepage has added another feather in his Cirque du Soleil cap in the form of TOTEM, which artistically traces the evolution of the human race. Facilitated by the likes of theatre and set designer Mark Fisher and with the composing overtures of René Dupéré, Ka was all geared up to captivate the legions of patrons that have watched the show since its debut performance in February 2005 in 1950 Ka theater, that has twice the number of speakers than the people listening to them, including pairs in every seat.
Being dubbed "the most lavish production in the history of Western theater" by the Los Angeles Times and clinching the Thea Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in 2008, Cirque du Soleil Ka surely challenges the limits of what technology can assist the human form in achieving. A virtual small army of 300 cast and crew members including the 80 on-stage artists and performers innovatively blend together puppetry, interactive video projections, Batman styled motorized harnesses, martial arts, Capoeira dance, eclectic music and of course the signature Cirque du Soleil mind-blowing  acrobatic feats to bring the spiritual Ka to life. So book your Cirque du Soleil Ka tickets now to discover and unleash your free-spirited twin within.


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