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The entertainment industry is proud to announce return of the Academy and Tony Award-winning Masterpiece, The Heiress, this year. The play has not only been declared as the “Best Theatre of 2012” by Entertainment Weekly but also received positive reviews from credible news sources such as Washington Post, New York Times and others. Since its announcement, the demand for cheap The Heiress tickets is on the rise.

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About The Heiress

Based on the short novel Washington Square by Henry James, the story of The Heiress revolves around a real life incident and stages it with two main characters, Catherine and Morris. Catherine is daughter of Dr Austin Sloper, who is a wealthy widower while Morris is a handsome young man. The tale begins with the feelings of affection being initiated towards Morris from the young woman. Catherine has everything that would categorize her as a perfect person to fall in love with except for good looks. Besides being unattractive, the dominating attitude of her father also shatters her confidence making her lack most of the social graces. Catherine is convinced that Morris feels the same way for her because there is no other reason she can think of for him to be affectionate towards her. But this is just a one-sided view. Her father sees things differently and perceives that Morris is nothing but a callow fortune hunter. This reality remains the point of suspense throughout the play and the story proceeds further. Dr Sloper’s opinion threatens to cut her off from her dowry if she sticks to her decision. The moment this happens, there is a twist in the tale and Morris disappears. However, Mr Sloper out of fatherly love changes his decision soon after realizing that Catherine is his only daughter and he can’t hurt her. Is Morris truly involved with Catherine or is it just the love of money that is attracting him towards her? The comeback of Morris and the attitude of Catherine bring in a lot of surprises for the audiences.
The Heiress is a visual representation of the fact that learning is sometimes dependant on experiences. The harsh realities of life teach an individual a valuable lesson, which due to its immense impact on his personality is remembered forever. The play is the perfect combination of drama, love and emotions that glues the audiences to their seats throughout the show. It makes one believe in the fact that an apparently perfect scenario might not always be perfect for the person. He or she should be mature enough to judge people and take decisions for himself and that happens through experience. The story has won a number of awards in a variety of categories including the Best Actress, Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction and many others. Not only the audiences on a global level have appreciated the play but critics have also admired each aspect of the show with great enthusiasm. New York Times have stated that “The Heiress is one of the most intense, adult dramas of the year.” Throughout the show, the story follows the themes of class differences, social climbing and romantic betrayal and out-for-revenge that spice up the play with a number of random instances that instantly grabs audiences’ attention and do not even allow the blink of an eye.
The Heiress tickets are always in high demand, especially close to the event. Fans from all over the nation desire to get the best deal and secure them real fast. It is that time of the year once again and the audiences are anticipating being among the lucky ones to get The Heiress tickets on reasonable rates. The discount offer is active and the fans are flocking to get their hands on them already! So hurry and buy them before they are all sold out!

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