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‘American Idiot’ is a Broadway musical named after the bestselling album of the American punk rock band, Green Day. The play has been written by the lead singer of the band, Billie Joe Armstrong. The track list of the album has been used as the soundtrack of the play.  Not only that, but any song that the band wrote during this time, regardless of whether or not it made the final cut is included in the show. American Idiot Albuquerque tickets are in high demand this season.

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Since ‘American Idiot’ itself was a concept based record, the ideas behind them have been materialized into a play form. Helping Billie Joe bring this idea to life is the director Michael Mayer. Those who like rock music as well as Broadway will particularly enjoy the show.
The story for the musical has been stretched beyond the boundaries of the album which inspires it. Three men make up the protagonists of the show, namely Will, Tunny and Johnny. Two of them want to break free of all traditions and pursue a life in the big city, while one wants to stay behind in the small town to look after his girlfriend. This seemingly simple story has won many Tony Awards and is bound to make an impression in the current season as well. In order to watch the musical, purchase your cheap American Idiot Albuquerque tickets quickly.