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Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota is one of the new Ballet companies in the United States. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Ballet. Denise Vogt's Nutcracker Ballet has been the Twin Cities’ flagship performance. It has been showcased by the company every year as a part of its holiday season. This year is the year of celebration and as always, as an effort to keep the traditional of Ballet and Christmas together will perform the Nutcracker Ballet once again. Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker tickets bring you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy with your family and friends this holiday season. Book them to make sure that you are a part of this show.

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About Twin Cities Ballet The Nutcracker

The Twin Cities Ballet has a history of delivering full-length production of this show to full houses. Each year the troupe of its professional dancers prepare Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker show to be bigger and better than before. This year it is truly special. Indeed it will be an exceptional showcase of the classical ballet and the folk tradition of Christmas. The of the cast of the Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker show is a group of hundred and twenty dancers. These dancers are not only professionals, dance students as well as community members. They are mainly residents of Minneapolis St. Paul metro. The main cast has student dancers that come from dance schools in the Twin Cities area.
The Nutcracker is a popular Ballet production that is cherished by millions as a holiday tradition. Twin Cities Ballet's The Nutcracker started off around the mid nineties. The basis of this show was a presentation directed by Denise Vogt for a school. The show was specifically developed for students and was adapted for general audiences over a couple of ears. In the year 2002, the show was performed under the name of Lakeville City Ballet. The Lakeville City was established as totally independent non-profit organization. It allowed Vogt, the Ballet’s Board of Directors to work with a huge team of community level helpers. They included students, volunteer and parents that supported the cause of preserving the classical form of music and taking it to a level higher. They worked on expanding the performance of The Nutcracker and finally the show took some shape.
The Nutcracker's form changed when it gained more popularity for its quality. The quality improved greatly when the cast increased in size and variety. The kind and sizes of audience continued increasing every year. Until 2002, Lakeville City Ballet independently produced and presented this show annually. In 2003 the Lakeville City Ballet designed the Ballet again and started the Nutcracker as a part of its outreach project. The show has been showcased in special daytime shows that targeted school students, senior citizens as well as children with special needs. From this year onwards the show was presented in the Lakeville South High School Theater for six years. This venue had a capacity of only a thousand seats, but saw beautiful presentations of the Nutcracker one after the other.
In 2010 the Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota came forward as a company that could take care of the increasing demand of the show. It redesigned the show to take care of the needs of the audiences watching it every year. More staff, dancers, collaborators and artists were hired and the audiences got to see a full length professional performance of the show for the first time. This premier performance came under the name of the Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota and was staged at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center. Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker has been presenting the spirit of Christmas with this classical tale ever since. Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker tickets have become a great attraction for its fans as well.
This season Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker features a great team of dancers. Special Guests like award winning dancer Vlad Marculescu will perform as the Cavalier and Courtney Dressner will be seen as the Sugar Plum Fairy. The duo will be performing courtesy of Montgomery Ballet and will make Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker a show to die for. It will also be a treat to see returning local dancers like Benjamin Johnson (Drosselmeyer), Duncan Schultz (Snow King), Emily Short (Snow Queen) and Christopher LaPlante perform in this show. Cheap Venues in the Twin Cities Showing the Nutcracker tickets are also available. Purchase them while supplies last.

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