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Cinderella is a ballet which makes the use of Sergei Prokofiev’s original musical score of "Cinderella". This incredible ballet has been choreographed by the acclaimed choreographer by the name of Frederick Ashton. This ballet is basically known as being a comic ballet. The plot of the ballet explores the dreams and the aspirations of the famous fictional character of Cinderella. The opening act of the ballet portrays Cinderella as a dancer who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Then as the ballet goes on, one gets to see her appearing in the royal ballroom as a ballerina. When she goes back to her kitchen as an ordinary person, she recalls her dreams of becoming a ballerina and finds one of her shoes in her apron that she wore to the royal ballet.

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She then realizes that it was not a dream rather the ballroom ballet had taken place n reality. Finally, the prince who fancies her at the ballroom ballet finds Cinderella. Once she is in his arms, she realizes her identity as a ballerina. This amazing ballet is soon coming to an event which will be known as Cinderella Houston event. Houston is a spectacular city. It has been a host to some of the best ballet shows. The Cinderella Houston event is expected to be a huge success. The Cinderella Houston tickets are in a great demand. You can now avail cheap Cinderella Houston tickets. The Cinderella Houston 2015 tickets are a real treat for ballet fans.