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The Grand Rapids Ballet The Nutcracker is coming to a town near you. The Grand Rapids Ballet has always endeavored to give its audience a mind blowing performance no matter where they are. No other ballet can lift a spirit more delightfully than the ever devoted and committed Grand Rapids Ballet. The outstanding credentials of this company are raised a little further owing to the fact that they are Michigan’s only professional ballet outfit. The community they represent has always backed them up and their commitment to excellence is to die for. They are also the only arts organization to have received the Governor’s Arts Award. This year the company will also be celebrating its 41st Anniversary.

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About Grand Rapids Ballet The Nutcracker

The well known art director of the 70’s, Sally Sevens is responsible for bring the Grand Rapids Ballet Company into the limelight. It was nearly ten years after the inception of the Grand Rapids Civic Ballet that Sally decided to branch out. She came up with a brilliant idea of introducing a school which trains and educated teenagers about the art of ballet. She named it Summerfest School of Grand Rapids. Soon professional dancers from both schools got together a few years later and under Sally’s able guidance formed Michigan’s first ever Professional Ballet School called the Grand Rapids Ballet Company.
Over the next decade, this school of professional dancers would help taking their organization to various associations at the Midwest and Regional levels. Dancers would soon be taken on contract and the profession really started to make a name for its self. It is no surprise then that the Grand Rapids Ballet The Nutcracker would become such a phenomenal hit. If you are a fan of watching great ballet or The Nutcracker then this is the best time for you to get your Grand Rapids Ballet The Nutcracker tickets and enjoy a extraordinary show. One of the most prolific art directors of this phenomenal ballet company was the revered Gordon Peirce Schmidt. Laura Berman worked under him as an associate arts director. The two were always lovingly called Samson and Delilah and it was for the right reasons. They loved each other intensely but when it came to professionalism, there was no match. Under these two directors the company gave nearly fifty shows that were started from scratch and rolled in the fans like snow on a Christmas morning in Alaska.

The community grew so attuned to the efforts of the company that in one of the town meetings, a busted up bud garage was voted to be converted to a dance-rehearsal site. The community arranged for grants and city prohibition attestations. There were many generous contributions and before long, Michigan’s most loved ballet company had a place to call home. The American people are resilient and resourceful when it comes to art. Dancers from all around the country were drawn to this ballet company. Since 2000, there have been more people signing on than in the last two decades preceding the ground breaking of the home base, combined. It is from this long but distinguished list of dedicated professionals that the famous work of Tchaikovsky is given life and shows like this become great.
Five years ago, the company announced a multi-million dollar expansion program. This was owing to the fact that the company was expanding at a phenomenal rate. Today the Peter Martin Wege Theatre is one of the most modern and recognizable theatres that exist across the Tri-State area. It hosts the Meijer Royce School for Dance and is also a LEED certified theatre.  From this school and company twenty five amazing and talented dancers have been signed up to let Tchaikovsky’s dream ballet see the light of day. Patricia Barker happens to be one of the most adept art directors for the Grand Rapids Ballet The Nutcracker. The backdrops of the show, including the props, costumes, lights, music and choreography are handled by a team of professional international subjects. It is because of the versatile and multi-cultural team of professionals that a show like this is destined to become such a household name across the globe. The ballet company uses its fame very wisely by employing an educational program that reaches to kids in all communities regardless of whether they can or cannot afford it.
You can now book cheap Grand Rapids Ballet The Nutcracker tickets and experience one of the most beloved holiday season shows by a great ballet company. 

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