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Cinderella is one of the best classic tales which is the favorite fairytale of kids since centuries. The charming Cinderella remains the best-known character in all parts of the world. The simple, yet beautiful tale is traced back to the 9th century and its existence is seen today in the form of musicals, games, ballet and movies. No other fairy tale has existed for such a long time, as Cinderella has.

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About Cinderella Ballet

Everyone is familiar with this mesmerizing tale; Cinderella is a beautiful girl living a very ordinary life with her stepmother and step sisters. She is treated as a maid and has to do all the house work. One day when she was crying about her condition, out of nowhere a fairy Godmother appears and she changes Cinderella’s ragged clothing with a beautiful gown, a tiara and glass slippers. She is then sent off to the king’s palace for a ball where she meets the handsome prince and its love at first sight. However at the stroke of midnight Cinderella has to return to her normal life and because of this she has to part from the prince but not before leaving behind one of her glass slippers. Through fate the prince ends up finding her and it’s a classic happily ever after story. 
The Cinderella - Ballet merges the wonderful story with the excellently executed characters and fancy costumes conjured to narrate the story to the audience in an entertaining way. The happy-ending story of Cinderella involves beautifully sketched characters which make the story a fascinating piece of work. The Ballet, with the bejeweled characters wearing fancy costumes, takes you to Cinderella’s fantasy world in a magical way. Mainly targeted at the kids, the over whelming crowd includes the children from 3 to the elders aging 70.  

The Cinderella Ballet premiered in London in 1822 and since then it has seen many productions in various forms. Frederick Ashton choreographed Cinderella in the mid nineties and even in the current production the same choreography is seen.  Music is given by Seregie Prokofiev whereas the costumes are designed by Christine Haworth and the scene designer is Toer van Schayk. Royal Ballet’s most popular star from the nineties, Antoinette Sibley played the role of Cinderella and Anthony Dowell, her Prince charming. Ashton’s masterpiece is backed with the deep music, dazzling costumes and other emphatic props. The funny acting by the ugly sisters, who think that they are beautiful, adds humor to the performance.

The emotional engagement, the distressed feelings, jealously and romance; everything will be found among the characters, making it a spellbinding experience for the crowd. The royal performance of Cinderella Ballet is an amazing composition and reflects the best ballet dance ever. With the most refined artists and the perfect character for Ballet, it provides a new meaning to the Ballet. The magical moves during the dance, the upper and the lower body feel two different things and the amazing music which makes the flow is simply worth-watching. It is an example of an extravagant ballet that has ever been performed on stage.

The mesmerizing Cinderella - Ballet will take the elders to their childhood and the kids to a completely fascinating world of magic and wonders. The enchanting story, when paired with classic music and ultimate ballerina dance, becomes impressionable on your mind. It is the most-demanded family event which every family member is surely going to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of the Ballet dance or not, this show will surely make you feel delighted. Do not miss the lovely Cinderella- Ballet live, if you get the chance. It can assure you some hours of peace and pleasure, if you get the Cinderella - Ballet Tickets! We guarantee you’ll leave the arena completely enchanted.


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