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The Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular fairytales that has stood the test of time over the years. Even though the tale gained massive popularity after Disney’s adaptation of the story that was presented in a form of a feature animated film in 1991, the first publication of the story came out in 1740. It was written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Most people do not even know that Beauty and the Beast was originally a French fairytale that was translated to English in 1757. If you are interested in watching a ballet that shows adaptation of the original story of this fairytale, then you should make your way to the Beauty and the Beast ballet show, which you can attend by purchasing Beauty and the Beast Ballet tickets.

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About Beauty and the Beast Ballet

Most ballet lovers would be surprised to know how much the original story of the classic differs from what the world knows because of Disney’s production. The story starts when a merchant is set to sail at sea on a business trip and asks his three daughters what they wish for him to bring upon his return. The two elder daughters demand for jewelry and lavish clothes, however, the youngest daughter named Belle, only asks for a rose as roses do not grow in the town they live in. As he reaches the sea port he finds out that his ship has been seized by creditors who have taken his goods in order to pay off the merchant’s debts. Disheartened, the merchant starts his journey back to his house, but gets lost in a forest on his way back.
In the forest he comes across a beautiful palace and enters it to seek refuge from the night. As he enters he sees that the tables are laden with food, the fire is burning in the fire place and everything has been set to make his stay most comfortable. The merchant feasts and drinks and warms himself near the fire but still sees that the owner is nowhere around. The next day as the merchant is about to leave, his eyes set upon a rose in the middle of a garden. Remembering his youngest daughter’s request, the merchant plucks the rose from the flower bed and is about to leave when a beast appears out of nowhere. He screams that the merchant has stolen his most precious possession even though he was provided with everything he could imagine. The beast threatens to lock him up in his prison for life and the merchant begs for his life, explaining that the flower was for his youngest daughter.
The beast allows the merchant to return to his daughters and give Belle the rose, only if the merchant promises to return. Upon his return, the father gives Belle the rose and as he is about to leave again, Belle investigates and finds out about the whole incident. Belle then pushes to let her go to the palace in his place. Upon her arrival the beast gives her all the luxuries she could ask for, treats her with love and begs her to marry him every night, but Belle refuses explaining she only loves him back as a friend. Months pass and Belle grows fond of the beast but misses her family dearly. The beast allows her to visit her father and sisters only if she promises to return and so Belle makes her way back to her town. However, her sisters urge her to stay another day and Belle breaks her promise of returning. Feeling guilty she tries to look how the beast is doing through a magic mirror given to her by the beast. She is horrified to see that the beast is dying due to Belle’s fault and runs to see him. Upon her arrival at the castle, she confesses her love for him, after which the Beast transforms into a beautiful prince. He then explains to her how he disrespected a fairy once, and a curse was put upon him by her which could only be broken by true love.
Get to watch the original fairytale, as it was written decades ago in its original outlook, by becoming a part of the Beauty and the Beast Ballet show. Cheap Beauty and the Beast Ballet tickets are up for grabs, so that ballet lovers can get the best deals at great prices.

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