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The third longest running show in Broadway history, Les Miserables has completed 25 successful years in the entertainment industry till now. It has won eight Tony Awards so far and is conducting another brand new show, Les Miserables Boston, to further expand its list of honors.

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Les Miserables takes the audiences to the era of French Revolution and into the life of a prisoner Jean Valijean. After nineteen years of imprisonment for stealing a loaf of bread he is released and all set to lead his life from the scratch. His bitter experiences in the past changes him into a desperate man who perceives everything negatively. At this point in time he meets a bishop, whose kindness makes him able to find God and motivates him to be an optimistic person.

His positivity raises him to become a factory owner and then a mayor. The story proceeds to take a dramatic turn with the introduction of Fantine, Cosette and Marius. Towards the end, the musical takes the audiences nine years ahead in future where Valijean till his last breath tries to keep up with his promise to take care of Cosette and find her love Marius. Les Miserables Boston show is a full entertainment package featuring drama and romance. Its immense popularity makes it difficult to get cheap Les Miserables Boston tickets as the event draws close. So hurry and get Les Miserables Boston tickets before they are all sold out!

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