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What would someone say when they would be given the proposal to dress up in latex painted in bright blue, and to perform on stage songs and funny skits while an audience of thousands watches them and refer to them as the Blue Men ? Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman are the three people who went against the odds and did just that. Their idea clicked and they are now known all over the US and the world as the Blue Man Group. The original lineup has performed on various TV shows and awards and toured across the world. Although they are now part of the administration of the Blue Man Group, the group keeps performing with new cast members. The number of people in the organization is now over 50 and the performances vary from musical to theatrical. The Blue Man Group offers a complete entertainment package and play music on self-made instruments. The shows aren't just comedy and the topics range from science and modern technology to information overloading. The Blue Man Group performs in a unique way and their acts are simply out-of-this-world.

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The idea is definitely something you have never seen before. The Blue Man Group will be coming to Baltimore and this is your chance to watch them if you live in or around. So place an order for your Blue Man Group Baltimore Tickets online and make sure you watch this new type of act.

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Q:If I buy a set of blue man group baltimore tickets, would the seats be together?

A:The Blue Man Group Baltimore tickets which are listed in sets are generally together.

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A:General Admission means that you cant book Baltimore Blue Man Group tickets beforehand. They will only be sold on first come, first serve basis.

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A:The blue man group baltimore tickets are generally delivered via FedEx to the address associated with your credit card unless specified otherwise.

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