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Madame Butterfly is a tragic three act opera by Giacomo Puccini. Puccini’s opera is based on a novel from 1898, by John Luther Long. There are rumors that the opera was based on original events that took place in early 1890’s in Nagasaki. Before turning it into a three act play, a two act version was first staged in February 17, 1904, at La Scala, Milan. It failed to please its audience despite the singers such as Giovanni Zenatello, Rosina Storchio and Giuseppe De Luca performing lead roles. This was mainly due to less rehearsals and poor management. Later on, Puccini made several changes in the play, including increasing of an act and staged it in Brescia on May 28, 1904 again. This version of the opera was a huge success.

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Tamaki Miura made an international success on her acting of Cio-Cio San in the opera. Her statue, along with Puccini, still stands in the Nagasaki’s Glover Garden. Madame Butterfly is ranked #8 as the most performed operas in the world in “Operabase”. Puccini made several changes in the opera since 1904, there is a total of 5 different versions of it. Finally, in 1907, Puccini launched the final version, now known as the “standard version” of Madame Butterfly. This standard version is used today all over the world in various Opera Houses and theatrical performances. Over a century, even today Madame Butterfly has never lost its gloom and magic.

Madame Butterfly consists of three acts, based in early twentieth century. Act I begins when a U.S. Navy Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton buys a house from a marriage broker, who gives him three servants and a 15 year old wife Cio-Cio San, also known as Butterfly. Pinkerton does not mean to stick to the marriage and has a plan of making a proper marriage to some American woman in later years, but Butterfly thinks that it is a real marriage and is really excited on getting married to an American man. She is so keen on marrying him that she secretly turns to Christianity, leaving Buddhism. Pinkerton is warned on how serious the girl might take her marriage and how stubborn she might be in not breaking the vows made, but he shoos away such thoughts and keeps on dreaming of pleasures of a traveling man and his future. The wedding ceremony of Pinkerton and Butterfly is performed by Imperial Commissioner. The guests toast for the couple and join in merry making. Meanwhile, Butterfly’s uncle, a Buddhist priest, enters the marriage hall and starts cursing Butterfly angrily for giving up her religion and taking up Christianity. Pinkerton gets angry and sends away the guests and Butterfly’s uncle. There in the garden, when alone, Pinkerton and Butterfly sing of their love under an enchanting moonlit sky.

Act II takes the audience three years into the future. Pinkerton had left shortly after the marriage and hadn’t returned since then. Butterfly awaits his ship every day, standing by the window, watching the harbor for hours. Her maid Suzuki and everyone else who love her beg her to forget about Pinkerton, that he’d never return and to marry another man. Butterfly turns down many suitors, sure that her husband will return. Sharpless brings forth a letter from Pinkerton, he warns Butterfly that Pinkerton might never return, but Butterfly tells him that he will, if not for her, than for his son. Sharpless does not find the heart to read the full content of the letter to Butterfly, and leaves. Next day as Pinkerton’s ship board the harbor, she is swooned with joy. She waits all night for her husband to come home. Next day Pinkerton returns with his new American wife, Kate and demands Butterfly to give his son to him. Butterfly despaired and hopeless, goes into her room, kissing her child one final goodbye, she sends him off to the garden to play. Alone in the room, she stands and apologizes to the statue of Buddha, confessing her regrets, she then stabs herself with a knife and dies. As she is dying, we can hear Pinkerton calling her name. He rushes to save her, but he is too late. Thus, the opera concludes with a tragic ending.

Madame Butterfly, the tragic tale of a young girl’s broken dreams and betrayed love presented in opera is now being staged in New York. If you wish to watch it, get your Madame Butterfly Tickets now! Madame Butterfly is a world-famous opera, based on a true story that revolves around love and betrayal. The opera by Giacomo Puccini includes music composed by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. It has all the makings of an Italian classic and since its opening in 1904, has done remarkably well all over the world. Madame Butterfly is set in Japan, and follows an American Navy Lieutenant, B.F. Pinkerton, and his geisha wife Cio Cio San. The story then darkens, and later acts reveal how Pinkerton remarries after finishing his assignment with the Navy, while Cio Cio San lies in wait for her husband to return.

The heartwarming story of love, passion, betrayal and honor is made even better thanks to the talented cast who beautifull portray the dramatic intention of each character. The beautifully composed music combined with exquisite costumes make Madame Butterfly a show truly worth watching. All in all, the talented cast and crew of Madame Butterfly perform flawlessly and give a new life to Puccini’s masterpiece. Madame Butterfly Madame Butterfly tickets are on sale here at amazingly low prices. You wont find the best seats in the house for these low prices anywhere else. These Madame Butterfly tickets wont last forever, so hurry up. We just have a few Madame Butterfly tickets left, so hurry up. While you are at it, why not grab a couple of tickets for your family and friends and take them along for the experience of a lifetime? So what are you waiting for? Get your Madame Butterfly tickets now!

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