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In this world of terrorism, nukes and capitalist monopoly, we need to feel the power of human ideas and thoughts. Nothing will make you understand and feel it better than Einstein on the Beach, a four act opera. Its story is thought provoking. Its music is sensuous. Its whole presentation is breathtaking. Buy the Einstein on the Beach tickets and enjoy this unique portrayal of the strength that lies within.  

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About Einstein On The Beach

Philip Glass is the composer of Einstein on the Beach. Robert Wilson, a renowned theatrical producer was its director. Glass and Wilson got together to produce a collaborative work. They decided upon a four to five hour long operatic performance which was to be based on a historical figure. Wilson’s choice of a historical figure was Adolf Hitler or Charlie Chaplin, whereas Glass’s choice was Mahatma Gandhi. The two reached a compromise and decided to base the story on Albert Einstein. They also agreed on focusing on the legend himself and not following a storyline. Wilson made a series of storyboards which laid out the sequence of the opera in a formalist approach. According to the approach, he used symbols from Einstein’s life in a “non-plot”. Another technique that he used was of including “Knee Plays” between main acts which allowed the necessary time interval required to change scenery of the set. 
Glass used these portraits to compose the score of Einstein on the Beach. According to Glass’s account, he would place each storyboard on his piano when composing the music. He focused on composing music in a circular process with repeating cycles to reflect the mathematical skills of Einstein. It took him a year to complete his first musical score. It was also his longest work ever and became a part of his Portrait Trilogy (which includes Satyagraha and Akhnaten). Its libretto was a collective work of Christopher Knowles, Lucinda Childs and Samuel M. Johnson. The first production of the opera took place at Avignon Festival in France in July, 1976 where it was conducted by Michael Reisman. Because of its length of five hours, the audience was allowed to enter or leave any time they wanted during the performance. It was huge success. That summer it was staged in Paris, Hamburg, Venice, Belgrade, Rotterdam, Brussels and New York.
Since then, every decade has seen the revival of Einstein on the Beach. In the 1980s, the Brooklyn Academy of Music performed in the year 1984. Later in 1988, the Stuttgart State Opera performed it in a very abstract style with new additions in the text. In the early 1990s, International Production Associates staged the opera. Glass, Childs and Wilson participated in it. It subsequently went on a world tour that included cities like Melbourne, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Brooklyn and Tokyo. In 2000s, a revival was planned in collaboration with New York City Opera (NYCO), English National Opera, Théâtre du Châtelet and Het Muziektheater.  Their plan did not come to fruition because its general manager Gerard Mortier left NYCO. However, they recently got together and staged the opera in January, 2012. Their official tour began in March, 2012 with the first performance in Montpellier, France. Then the opera was staged in Italy and London, UK. Their tour will return to North America in the coming days, which is why Einstein on the Beach tickets are available in the market now.

You will thoroughly enjoy the opera. This is because you may have read about the great scientist Einstein in many a books but it can fairly be assumed that you have never seen such a rendition of his life and work on a theatrical stage. The themes of Einstein on the Beach revolve around his theory of relativity, science, nuclear weapons, AM radio and Einstein’s mathematical genius. Thus, everything on stage, from set to costumes to text to lighting, pays tribute to the legend. Purchase the Einstein on the Beach tickets and become a part of this tribute!

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