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A Florentine Tragedy is one of the best and most well-known operas of all time! Considered Alexander Zemlinsky’s finest work to date, it is also the product of another genius’ pen, Oscar Wilde.

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About A Florentine Tragedy

Revolving around such intense themes of love, cruelty, and betrayal, it is based on three main characters. The opera has already become a standard part of classical repertoire in several European countries, with an ever increasing fan-following in the United States as well. If you have not seen this one, you have missed out on one of the greatest operas ever produced. In the world of opera production, where art is the second religion, it is sacrilegious not to watch Zemlinsky-Wilde opera, for a true opera lover! A Florentine Tragedy is unlike any other!While Zemlinsky-Wilde production is second to none in greatness, the best about it is that it does not come with a heavy price tag. Cheap A Florentine Tragedy tickets are luckily still available and your one-way ticket to the best opera in your town for the year 2012! So what should you expect with this ticket purchase? It should come as no surprise that if an opera is a product of some of the best artistic minds of their time like Wilde and Zemlinsky, than it must be an extraordinary piece of work and that is exactly what this opera is. Based in Florence, Italy, it is on the lives of 16th century local Florentine prince, Guido Bardi, a rich merchant by the name of Simone, and his wife, Bianca.Bianca is an unfaithful wife of Simone, who is having an extramarital relationship with Price Bardi. Simone finds the two together, and instead of taking any immediate and rash decision, invites the prince over for a feast, where he challenges him for a duel. Simone disarms and later strangles the prince. The site of prince’s death in a bizarre fashion rekindles the long lost love between the husband and wife. In a way, A Florentine Tragedy is as complex as our every day lives, wherein domestic problems are common occurrences and unfaithfulness on part of either or both partners not unheard of, yet it remains simple and closer to the ground level realities. A Florentine Tragedy could also be perceived as a commentary on our 21st century daily routine, which has not changed much from the earlier centuries, in comparison, it seems! Therefore, A Florentine Tragedy tickets are a must buy item!However, to better understand the opera, it is prudent to take a look at the lives of Wilde and Zemlinsky! Wilde was the greatest Irish poet and writer, who remain famous to date for his plays and epigrams. His essays like ‘The Critics as Artist’, ‘The Decay of Lying’, and ‘The Soul of Man under Socialism’, form part of English language literature, learned and taught in institutions of higher learning, all over the world. His short stories, namely ‘The Portrait of Mr. W.H.’, ‘The House of Pomegranates’, ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories’, and ‘The Happy Prince and Other Tale’s, are as relevant today, as when they were first written years ago.Alexander Zemlinsky was one of the greatest Austrian music composer and conductor, who later became an American and died in New York. Lyric Symphony, a seven-movement piece for orchestra, baritone, and soprano, based on India’s greatest poet-philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore’s poems, is considered to be his magnum opus. However, A Florentine Tragedy along with The Mermaid, a large-scale symphonic poem, are considered to be amongst two of his very best works, in the long list of his ingenious works of art.While this one of a kind opera is being staged in your town and tickets for it at discounted price are still available, it does not take too long to calculate that this show is going to be a sold-out event, sooner than later. So before all the tickets are gone and you are left with nothing but disappointment, buy A Florentine Tragedy tickets today! 
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