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Every human being needs a break or a change in some form; mentally, physically, socially or else. In today's fast and busy life, one doesn't realize how important leisure is. Researchers have found out that mental refreshment results in much more efficient work. Every person should experience some good mind relaxing activities which would flash all the stress out of the mind for some time. Humor is one incredible thing which does that to people of every age and occupation. There are various ways a person can possibly get such an opportunity; chatting with friends, some accidental funny incident, watching a funny movie, reading jokes or watching a hilarious TV show. In any case, you need the secondary object for the purpose of getting entertained in a hilarious way. One of the many great ways is to watch a comic character or magician performing hilarious acts. Amazing Johnathanis one of the few rocking names in the field.

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About Amazing Johnathan

Born as John Edward Szeles in September 1958 in Michigan, more commonly known by his stagename, Amazing Johnathan is the amazingly talented American Comedian and/or Magician. Also known as "The Mad Man of Comedy", is the most successful comedy-magician in the history. The 51 year man used to perform in the streets of San Francisco and got much appreciation from there. His career started right then and there. The first performance on TV was back in 1983 on the show named as "The 8th Annual Young Comedian Show". He continued to perform during the 80's till mid 2000's and got good fame in the field. People love to watch him doing the magical acts and fans are crazy for his amazing talents. Since the year 2001, he has been the headliner for everyone.

John performs wearing his particular style of costume which basically distinguishes him. Wearing the band on his head, performing the astounding illusions leave the audience stunned and surprised. His facial expression, body language, eyes expressions, style, clothes, dominating presence, high pitched voice and voice variations make his performance unique and astounding. Above all, the tricks that he plays are just un-understandable by the audience. He usually plays tricks with random people from the audience by calling them on stage. Other than the stage shows, his one hour specials are amazing. He has also written a book named as "Every Trick In The Book" in which he has shared many tricks and jokes. It is an excellent entertainment for people when they cannot watch him do that or when he cannot perform. He also suffered some serious health problems during the year 2007 but has now recovered and doing his job in an excellent way making a place in millions of hearts and entertaining thousands of people at a time in an amazing way.

The mixture of magical acts, jokes, illusions with animated expression and acting fascinates the audience so much that it drifts away all the other thoughts from their minds for the time they're watching him perform. Seeing such an extra-ordinary man with overflowing talents, performing in front of you would be undoubtedly the best experience one could ever think of. Getting so much of quality entertainment in minutes is remarkable. Getting an opportunity to watch such a legendary artist perform in front of your eyes, and enjoying the aura that he creates when he performs on stage, is the best thing a full-of-life person can ask for. The brilliance of his magical talent leaves you in a state of surprise and his jokes make you giggle and you feel like rolling down with laughter, taking away all the thoughts in your mind. Grab the Amazing Johnathan Tickets for yourself now!

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