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An award winning adaptation of one of the greatest movie musicals is now on its way to Appleton for a number of magical performances that are not to be missed. Ten times winner of the prestigious Academy Award, West Side Story is a play that is full of some electrifying excitement, fun and lots of entertainment.  The play is set in New York City, United States and is based on the masterful novel written by Arthur Laurents. The play is now about to be reborn in Appleton for a series of powerful West Side Story Appleton performances. If you are looking for some cheap West Side Story Appleton tickets, then look no more as we give you tickets at the lowest possible rates right here.

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About West Side Story Appleton Tickets

The plot of West Side Story revolves around the families of the Sharks and the Jets. The musical is based on the popular play by Shakespeare, titled Romeo and Juliet. The families have a long history of animosity, but two young people change the face of their history by falling in love. What will be the result of their love? Come watch the play and find out! The latest West Side Story Appleton shows will surely be a treat for all fans of the theatre. Do not miss this chance and catch this magnificent production live with your West Side Story Appleton tickets and prepare for a mesmerizing theatre experience.

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