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The Columnist is a dazzling musical based upon one of the greatest columnists America has ever seen. This awesome musical follows the life of Joseph Alsop during the fifties and sixties when columnists were kings and Joseph Alsop was the greatest of them all. It follows his story and tells it in a very unique manner; many are already lining up to Buy The Columnist tickets. The Columnist is a musical that is written by renowned playwright, David Auburn, and features actor John Lithgow playing Joseph Alsop. It is definitely a musical that is a must see for all fans of musicals, fans of journalism and those wanting to get a deeper insight into the life of the great Joseph Alsop. To do so, you can simply get hold of The Columnist tickets as befits your needs and go watch this dazzling musical in all its glory.

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About The Columnist

The Columnist is set in a time in the US when political columnists were loved, courted and feared at the same time in the political world of Washington DC. At this time, columnists were king and the crown of this kingdom was worn by Joseph Alsop who sat at the center of the Washington political world. But that is hardly it; the musical then goes on to follow Joseph Alsop at a time when change began taking hold of America in the sixties and an exciting political drama began unfolding that not only captured Joseph Alsop professionally but also ensured that he was personally embroiled deep into the sixties wave of change that swept across America. It is a dizzying and dazzling description of America in the mid twentieth century and truly a must see for a look at America and its politics at the time via Cheap The Columnist tickets.
The Columnist features a superb cast and creative team. The main role of Joseph Alsop is played by John Lithgow. The creative team is composed of playwright David Auburn and director Daniel Sullivan. This cast and creative team combined make The Columnist a superb musical, a dramatic portrayal of the dilemma that engulfed powerful politica columnist, Joseph Alsop, a man who at the time publicly hosted the influential Kennedy Camelot circle but at the same time had kept parts of himself hidden deep. This was a man with both a mysterious private life and a larger than life public image. Joseph Alsop is not only depicted as a real life and highly feared columnist in Washington but also as a man with a deep personal background that leads to an unpredictable situation in the political drama that unfolds in the US, a drama you see and hear live through Cheap The Columnist tickets.
John Lithgow, the renowned actor who plays Joseph Alsop in The Columnist, is not only a Hollywood icon but also a Broadway icon having won Tony Awards, Academy Award nominations and Emmy Awards. This amazing American hails from Rochester in the US state of New York and is a graduate of Harvard College. He is not only a fabled actor but also a spectacular musician, author and even poet. He has been active in the world of entertainment since 1972 and has since then been making headlines all over the world. He first came to fame in the eighties when he starred in Terms of Endearment and The World According to Garp; he was honored with not one but two Academy Award nominations as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role. On TV, John Lithgow who plays Joseph Alsop in The Columnist is known best for his roles as Reverend Shaw Moore in the series Footloose, as Dick Solomon in NBC’s 3rd Rock from the Sun and as the Trinity Killer in the hit TV series, Dexter; this famous actor can be seen on stage through Buy The Columnist tickets.
He has also dazzled audiences on stage; his role in Sweet Smell of Success lead to him winning the Tony Award for the Best Leading Actor in a Musical and was again nominated for the same award for his role in yet another musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. All in all, John Lithgow, the actor playing Joseph Alsop in The Columnist, is the recipient of five different Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, two spectacular Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and even one American Comedy Award. He has also been honored by not one but two Academy Award nominations and his playing the lead role in The Columnist. Thus, with The Columnist tickets in hand anyone can watch this musical live in all its glory.

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