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Revered and applauded by audiences for more than a century, Manon has the distinction of entertaining generations. A true masterpiece in every sense of the word, it has captured the audience’s imagination with its captivating plot and performance all around the world.  In case of Manon, it is important to identify the key elements that make an opera or its theatrical performance memorable and stand the test of time. Manon is a rare combination of beautiful composition and a riveting storyline that immerses the viewer in its world. One of Jules Massenet’s works, it is captivating, enthralling and leaves an impression on anyone who witnesses it. Booking the Mannon tickets soon is highly recommended this season!

About Manon

The storyline revolves around a young woman named Manon, who is on her way to a convent. During her journey she meets different characters who one way or the other try to manipulate her. The opera deals with the complexities of human nature and the characters reaction to all emotions possible. The storyline encompasses love, hate, betrayal, greed, lust and revenge. The opera is successful in dealing with class warfare which was quite rampant during 1600 and 1700’s in France. It showcases how the privileged were able to manipulate and corrupt anyone of a smaller social standing. The main character, throughout the play fights a battle between her desires and wishes which adds more substance to the character.
Out of Jules Massenet’s treasure chest, Manon premiered more than a hundred years ago in Paris on January 19, 1884.It takes inspiration from a 1731 novel ‘Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut’ by Abbé Prévost. The publication of the novel was subject to considerable controversy as it was banned in France and the author was forced to relocate. Considering Prévost as one of his idols, Massenet wrote Manon in one of the residences occupied by the author in Hague.  The author’s main focus remains emotions, and how people deal with it in the face of adversity.
The opera consists of five acts, each act portraying a different human emotion. The actor’s seasoned performance shines through as they are able to convey Massenet’s message of love and regret. It gives the viewer an opportunity to truly understand the motivation of the characters. The audience is forced to ask the questions like what drives them and what their true intentions are. The author trusts the viewer to come up with their own answers.  The characters true encapsulation of the subject is not only exhilarating, but also a gratifying experience for the audience. Over the years, a number of great opera singers have performed the main character. Marie Heilbronn being the debutant,  followed by Fanny Heldy, Lucrezia Bori, Edita Gurborova and Geraldine Farrar.  However, according to Massenet it was Sybil Sanderson who truly embodies the title character. Sanderson considered to be Massenet’s muse, was one of the most famous Manon to grace the stage. A movie adaption of the opera has also been produced by Hollywood in the 1940s.
Manon Tickets have been sold all around the world. Within a year of its debut, the opera premiered in England. Since then, Manon has toured all around the world. It is one of the most celebrated plays in its genre. It has been performed at the Royal opera House in 1891, 1947 and 1987. All these productions were extremely successful and well received. In its hundred year history it has been praised and admired by critics and fans alike. Luke Jennings writing for the Observer praised the latest performance saying Manon was one of the most well balanced and calculated performances ever.
The genre can be loosely identified as opera comique, where the performers divulge in normal dialogue. The audience in attendance range from the young to the mature. Manon’s appeal is universal as it deals with a wide spectrum of human emotions. Manon tickets gives the viewer an opportunity to admire a truly heartfelt performance by one of the most experienced and talented casts on the opera circuit today.

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