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Retro music band Dirtyphonics is on its way to New York City and Philadelphia to give its fans a concert to talk about! Dirtyphonics tickets are now available at cheap rates and are selling out fast. Hurry to grab a hold of your tickets before they run out! Dirtyphonics hails from Paris and was formed in 2004. The band was created by four talented musicians: Thomas, Charly, Pitchin and Pho. In a short amount of time, the band managed to win over a large fan base with the amazing music it created. Dirtyphonics composes music for different genres like drum and bass, electro house, electronic rock and dubstep. The variety that the band gives to its fans in musical genres is one of the success factors of the band. Its diversity is what differentiates the band from the hundreds of other musicians out there.

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About Dirtyphonics

Dirtyphonics has worked with many labels. The band has created remixes for these labels, which include famous names such as Cooking Vinyl, Mau5trap, Ram Records, Ultra Records, MTA and Dim Mak Records. Along with labels, the band has also collaborated with renowned musicians and has created remixes that became the rage among its fans. These artists include Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Modestep, Foreign Beggars, NERO and Benny Bennassi. Dirtyphonics’ ventures with all of these labels and well known artists were a big success and helped create more publicity and exposure for the gifted musicians.
Dirtyphonics released its debut album in March, 2013. The album titled "Irrelevance" was an incredible mix of different genres the band likes to dabble with. The ensemble made an effort to make the music of the album provocatively attractive by using musical combinations that fit the song titles such "Dirty", "Quarks" and "Vandals". The album has fabulous songs with intricate piano melodies that are a perfect combination of past and present musical style. The band has managed to bridge the gap between different genres and styles. The music of the album is appealing to people from all age groups and is definitely one of the best works Dirtyphonics has come up with.
Dirtyphonics knows how to energize its audience and make them sway to the beat it performs. The band’s on stage performances are always buzzing with energy and they have an amazing gift of transferring that spirit on to the crowd. It is known for the live editing of its songs during concerts. This creates anticipation in the audience before every concert, as they look forward to the different edge the skilful musicians bring to their concerts. This gives the band’s fans all the more reason to get cheap Dirtyphonics tickets.
Dirtyphonics is proud that it does not follow any particular rules of music. The fact that they mesh different genres together in their songs is their way of rebelling against the musical clichés that have been created. Dirtyphonics is pleased to break the rules and make some of their own. The musicians like to be challenged and this shows in their music. The different feel of each of their song is a testament of how hard Dirtyphonics has worked to give its listeners something diverse.
Dirtyphonics’ performance in New York’s Best Buy Theater is accompanied by performances by DJ ETC!ETC! and Le Castle Vania. ETC!ETC! is a music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles. His music falls under the Electro House and Moombahton genres. The artist moved towards the Moombahton style from Electro House in 2011 and was an instant hit with his fans. Le Castle Vania, also known as DJ Dylan, is project that deals with electronic dance music. The project was created in 2006 and falls under the Indie electro music genre. Together all three artists will create music that will keep the audience dancing on their feet all night long. Do not waste time in buying Dirtyphonics tickets for the upcoming show.

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