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A noted Canadian musician is the heart throb of the times as his collaboration with fellow producers Downlink and Excision makes him unique and truly worth listening to. Originally named as Troy Beetles, Datsik is the stage named adopted by him as the talented Dub step DJ and musician from British Columbia, Canada released his initial singles in 2009. Born in British Columbia in 1988, this young soul had the spirit to impress the world like anything. With talent in hand he was inspired by the performances of Excision as he once witnessed them performing at Shambhala electronic music festival in 2008. They both clicked each other like anything and soon started performing together and released some creations in 2009 and 2010. Datsik also experimented going out of the comfort zone and performed internationally at Baltimore, MD while his following at Canada is still intact.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Wicked Halloween: Datsik, G Jones & Bear Grillz The Dome Center Henrietta Saturday
10/28/2017 8:00 PM
Wicked Halloween: Datsik & Bear Grillz Worcester Palladium Worcester Sunday
10/29/2017 8:00 PM

About Datsik

The journey to stardom began as he released several number ones from Beatport. He has not only worked in collaboration with Downlink and Excision rather he has also remixed with artists like Bassnectar, Steve Aoki, Skream, DJ Craze, Nero and Rusko amongst the few. The inspiration for Datsik is one key ingredient and he was truly inspired by Wu-tang Clan members, Method man and RZA. Datsik has been able to evaluate his beats and lyrics as funky and gangster yet bleak and robotic which is a combination worth relishing. The very first complete album that hit the market was under the flagship of Dim Mak Records in 2012 titled Vitamin D. Although quite unlikely name for a music album yet it was composed off 12 songs with appearances from Downlink, Messinian, Jonathan Davis, Snak Ripper and Infected Mushroom. In 2012, Datsik formed his own record label Firepower records and signed several Dub step producers including names like Rekoil, xKore, Delta Heavy, Terravita, Getter and Bare Noize.  Currently on their debut tour, they are committed to take the world on an entirely new journey of music and beat exploration.
His future tech detonators have almost instantly exploded the stage as the seven number one tracks in Beatport have amazed the music lovers. Several other sites including Juno, Chemical Records and Red Eye have also had his smash hit singles. Jonathan Davis has been a great source of inspiration for Datsik as his spooky track Evilution instilled him to go in collaboration with Infected Mushroom. Although this collaboration itself was a matter of chance as he met the members at the back stage of Electric Zoo Festival at New York. The amalgamation of wild sounds turning into one was an experience in itself and produced stunning results for sure. Stuffed with bone rattling beats, Datsik’s debut album Vitamin D is an inspiration in itself and much anticipated album. With the commitment to set new records, Vitamin D transcends the wild world of Dubstep on an entirely new standard. Forcing to have his own style, Datsik enjoys creativity and experimenting with the beats in his own special way.
 He claims that his beats will always be heavy and full of futuristic elements as nothing can beat the urge to step in the coming times.  Datsik tickets promise you a strong hip hop element in the beats and an evening worth remembering. The mind blowing single Fully Blown from his debut album Vitamin D is the most followed single and is applauded like anything. The futuristic beats and the heavy elements in the singles transcend the listener to an entirely new world of future. Cheap Datsik tickets can be a sure positive signal to your entry at the world of future. At least something different from the prevalent style would be displayed and the energy is very much seen at the stage. Well nothing can beat when it comes to innovation and creativity and you may find it abundantly. 

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