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Some people are born to be successful due to their natural talents which help them rise to the top of their profession without too many problems. Avicii is one of those people who has shot to stardom and fame instantly because of being exceptionally good at what he does. He is a DJ who has taken DJ-ing to another level. Avicii tickets are sold to packed houses wherever this incredible musician goes to perform. Events this year won’t be any different from previous years either because his amazing music will ensure that Avicii 2017 tickets are sold without any issues at all.

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About Avicii

Born on 8th September, 1989 is Stockholm, Sweden; Avicii’s real name is Tim Bergling. Tim always had that special knack of producing and altering songs that could rock everyone who listened to them. His talents were first spotted by his friends when he was just a novice and was producing tracks at home. Even at such an early stage his friends knew Tim had something special about him and on their insistence he started to work on his first major remix. The remix was inspired from the famous Lazy Jones, a Commodore 64 game but he soon gave up on it and decided to create his own remix titled "Lazy Lace." That version was released in 2008 when he was only eighteen years old.
The effort he put on "Love Lace" fascinated him and Tim went to work on producing more music. His studio was his home and he spent many hours a day there working and perfecting his creations. Unlike most DJ’s, Tim’s biggest strength lies in the fact that he doesn’t produce only one kind of music so he is not restricted in that sense. He just loves to create music that people can enjoy everywhere be it a nightclub, a concert, a pub etc. Sure, he is inspired by the works of Daft Punk, Laidback Luke and Eric Prydz etc but he has never stuck to one particular genre and that has been one of the hallmarks of his music.
It was in the April of 2008 that he released his first major track titled "Manman" which was launched by Bedroom Bedlam label. The track was an amazing hit and the offers from big record labels started pouring in from all over the world. Everyone wanted Avicii to be associated with their company which was not surprising at all considering the rage that track had become. He followed it up with he release of further tracks and topped it all off by releasing a collaboration "Don’t Hold Back" with John Dahlback who is another Swedish DJ.
Avicii has never been shy of experimenting; he keeps on evolving his music because that helps him remain at the top of his profession. His tracks like "Seek Bromance" and "Levels" have topped charts in various countries around the world and that is the kind of success which has made him a global phenomenon. He went on a tour of North America and Europe in 2010 which turned out to be a big success. He has followed that up with concerts  and tours in other parts of the US and the world to intense following thus cementing his reputation as one of the best DJ’s in the world.
Avicii is rated amongst the top six DJ’s in the world and that is a testament to the music and talents of this amazing artist. It is hard to believe that he has been rocking his fans for four years only but the best part is it looks as if he is here to stay for a long time to come. His fans and music lovers in generals love to dance to his tunes so if you are one of them all you need to do is buy cheap Avicii tickets to experience this young sensation at his awesome best.

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