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Saint Vitus is a Los Angeles based doom metal band that was formed in 1978, and currently comprises of founding members Mark Adams as bassist and Dave Chandler as guitarist, along with Scott Henry Vasquez as drummer and Scott Weinrich as singer. The group is considered to be one among the pioneering members of the genre, beginning in the late seventies alongside other acts such as Candlemass, Trouble, Witchfinder General and Pentagram. They disbanded in 1996, shortly reuniting in 2003, and finally came together again in 2008 with classic lineup members including Acosta, Adams, Chandler and Weinrich.

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Exhumed Saint Vitus Brooklyn Tuesday
11/28/2017 8:00 PM

About Saint Vitus

Following their reformation, the band undertook successful touring. In 2009, Acosta left the quartet, being replaced by Henry Vasquez as the new percussionist. This new lineup recorded their most recent studio album titled Lillie: F-65 that was released in April 2012. To date the band has recorded seven studio albums, two EPs, four demo albums, a compilation album, a live album and two singles among other releases.  Since the band is known to make strongly dark music, Saint Vitus tickets are quite popular among its doom metal fans.
The group initially called itself Tyrant in 1978, and changed its name after recording only two demos by 1980. At the time, the band was mainly influenced by metal acts Black Flag and Black Sabbath, the former of which the group had toured with through the eighties. In fact, Greg Ginn from Black Flag signed the band to his record label SST Records, with which they released two EPs and four LPs. The original lineup of Saint Vitus comprised of singer Scoot Reagers, percussionist Armando Acosta, Adams and Chandler. The band recorded its first two albums prior to the replacement of Reagers with Weinrich in 1986. This new lineup was the longest lasting during which they recorded three albums V in 1990, Mournful Cries in 1988 and Born Too Late in 1986. The group experienced moderate success with the albums but never made any breakthrough into the mainstream. In 1991, Weinrich left the group so he could concentrate on the reformation of his previous group The Obsessed, and his place was taken by Chritus Linderson. The next year, the group recorded the studio offering C.O.D just before Linderson quit his position. By 1994, the group reunited with Reagers, recording Die Healing in 1995, which was their last album for the next seventeen years. Prior to disbanding the group went on a tour in promotion of their album across Europe and America.
In 2003, the band performed a gig with the same lineup on their album Born Too Late, in Chicago at Double Door, where their performance was filmed and later released on DVD. The reuniting of Saint Vitus was announced in 2008, for their tour the following year. The group then made appearances at the Roadburn Festival of 2009 in Netherlands, from where it traveled to Germany to perform three gigs there. At the time their lineup was the same as that of their 2003 reunion. However, in 2009, percussionist Armando Acosta who had played with the band since its beginning quit them prior to the completion of the European tour.  Afterwards the band went on the Metalliance Tour along with Crowbar and Helmet, during which they played an unreleased new song titled Blessed Night.
In 2010, Saint Vitus member Armando Acosta died after which the group dedicated their December tour to the latter’s memory.  In early 2012, guitarist Dave Chandler gave an interview in which he suggested the possibility of recording of another album. Their studio albums include Lillie: F:65, Die Healing, C.O.D, Heavier Than Thou, V, Mournful Cries, Thirsty and Miserable, Born Too Late, The Walking Dead, Hallow’s Victim, Saint Vitus and Tyrant. Grab some Saint Vitus tickets and be there to celebrate the doom metal group’s thirty years of creating dark lyrical content that has won the hearts of all craving the hard metal delights.

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